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Easy tips for a healthy lawn

Updated on February 20, 2016
Dont let your lawn look like this
Dont let your lawn look like this | Source

Proper lawn care is essential for those that wish to have a clean, neat, and weed-free yard. There are a number of steps one can take to ensure they will have a green and gorgeous yard.

The first and most important step is to make sure the proper kind of seed is planted at the right time of the year. Different grasses grow better in different climates and weather conditions. Research the grass that is best for the area being planted and when it should be planted. Also, be sure to plant the grass at the correct height to ensure the best growth.

Fertilization is a very important step to proper yard care. Many people use harsh chemicals to kill weeds that simply end up killing the grass as well. The best fertilizers are work together to help grow grass while prevent weed growth, such as a weed and feed fertilizer. Be sure to know when the best time to fertilize the lawn is. It differs in different locations and climates.

It is difficult to over-water a yard. This is especially true of a freshly planted lawn. The most effective watering is done in long deep soaks. Do not water in short spurts or during the hottest portion of the day. The sun and heat will evaporate the water before it has a chance to soak in to the ground to hydrate the grass. Know how much water the lawn needs a day and use a rain gauge to know how much manual watering must be supplemented.

Make sure to mow the lawn at the correct time and to use the proper equipment. It is advised to change the blade on a mower every year so it stays sharp. A dull blade will knock the grass down instead of providing a clean and sharp cut.

Another great thing that you can do to get your lawn going is to have a proper soil test performed. Without knowing what it is that you have to work with it is hard to know where to begin. A soil test will help guide you to the correct amount of nutrients that will be needed in the soil to make it healthy for the grass plant to live.


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