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Easy to Grow Flowers and Plants

Updated on September 5, 2009


I wish I could say that I am a gardener, but if I said that I would be lying to you. My idea of gardening is digging a hole putting the plant or flower in, watering once in a blue moon and weeding even less. Here are some plants and flowers that even under my bleak conditions have managed to blossom.


Petunias- I have been growing Petunias for years now, and let me tell you I personally think they have to be the easiest flower to grow. They like plenty of sunlight so make sure you plant them somewhere in your yard that gets a lot of sunlight. Another great thing about Petunias is that you can “dead head” them. This means that once a flower has died you can use your fingernails and snap off the dead flower right below the receptacle (the egg looking part of the flower right before the stalk starts). After you “dead head” all of the dead flowers in your flower bed they will come back twice fold, trust me.


Vinca Vines- I just started planting Vinca Vines last year and the best part about Vinca Vines is that you can buy annual Vinca Vines so they will come back every year. Another great thing about Vinca Vines is that they can grow in shade and in full sunlight. They also grow little violet trumpets that look like flowers. They do spread easily so make sure they are not somewhere that they can take over the space for other flowers to grow.


Tiger Lillies- I have been growing Tiger Lillies for about 2 years now and I find they are best in front of your house or along the sides because they grow to be very tall. Tiger Lillies are also an annual so they come back every year and they are also easily transplanted. They do best in full sun so make sure they get exposure to a lot of sunlight. They tend to grow pretty quickly and they are very low maintenance, all you have to do is water and enjoy.



Tomatoes- Some people may be under the impression that growing tomatoes is difficult, let me tell you, they are not. I have been growing tomatoes for 5 years now and they do great on their own. I usually use metal cages to support the tomatoes and find this is great for supporting the tomatoes once they grow tall. Tomatoes need lots of sunlight and a lot of water so make sure you water on a consistent basis, and place your tomatoes in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. I have never used any fertilizer while growing tomatoes but some people swear by it. Even without fertilizer and pruning my 3 tomato plants provide me with around 50 good tomatoes each year.



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