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Eco Friendly Fiberglass Pools

Updated on May 5, 2010

Being Eco-Friendly

Most of us are all trying to do our bit for society, whether it's recycling a bit more, switching to organic products, or simply just switching off our appliances. However, many of us are unaware that as well as all this, we can also do our bit with our swimming pools by investing in an eco-friendly fiberglass pool as opposed to harmful concrete and vinyl. Unfortunately, the initial low costs of vinyl and concrete end up attracting investors into making the wrong decision, a decision that ends up costing them a lot more money than they first thought. Eco-friendly fiberglass pools are better than any other type of pool available, they are cost-effective, smooth and unique, so if you're investing in a pool this year, make sure you read this page first to ensure that you make the right decision for your family and the environment.

What is an Eco-Friendly Fiberglass Pool?

This year more and more people are going to be investing in a swimming pool in order to stay cool in the upcoming summer months, so if you’re one of these people, now would be the perfect time to make that investment. Not only can owning an eco-friendly pool add a staggering amount of value onto your property, but they are also a fantastic and relaxing way of enjoying the sunshine, or simply just getting some extra exercise this year. Typical swimming pools such as concrete are harmful to the environment, and as well as this, they are hard, scratchy and abrasive on the skin. As years have gone by more and more people are realizing that concrete pools are not only bumpy and abrasive, but expensive to maintain and not as durable, eco-friendly fiberglass.

Nowadays, many of us are under the impression that owning an eco-friendly swimming pool would be a lot more expensive than a simple concrete or even vinyl one, and you can be forgiven for thinking this, however, few people realize that this just isn’t true. Fiberglass swimming pools are now a lot more cost effective than alternative swimming pools. Concrete, for example, requires a lot of maintenance in the form of pool cleaning tools, and cleaning products, the ten yearly costs for these items including labor and electricity can hit well over $16,000.00 dollars, depending on your cleaning regime. When it comes to Fiberglass, because algae and other bacteria cannot form on the non-porous surface, it means you will need to clean it and maintain it a lot less, so you will only spend on average $4,000.00 over ten years.

Eco-friendly fiberglass pools come in one whole shell; they are pre-molded at a manufacturer’s warehouse and are made from fiberglass and different resins and gels to ensure the material is very strong and non-porous – essential for keeping algae and other bacteria away. Because the shell is covered with this gel, no form of lining is necessary, it is simply brought to your house, and carefully placed in the ground. Installation can take as little as 3-5 days, meaning the week you order your pool could potentially be the week you’ll be swimming in it.

One little known fact about eco-friendly pools is that they are actually 17 times stronger than typical concrete pools, giving them not only the potential to last a lifetime, but also giving them the means to withstand earthquakes and temperature swings without cracking or leaking, potentially saving you thousands. Fiberglass pools can also be purchased in not only a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but also with several tile patterns, in-floor cleaning systems and even fiber optic lighting.

And finally – what makes eco-friendly pools eco-friendly? Maintaining eco-friendly pools require a lot less harmful chemicals to clean and take care of, plus, acid washing is not a necessity as it is with concrete pools. Plus, they are far less likely to crack or need repairs, so plaster and ripped or torn vinyl will not be needed, replaced or thrown away, clogging up landfill sites. Because fiberglass pools contain fewer chemicals and are not susceptible to leak, it also means that no rust or chemicals will leak into the ground causing damage to the surrounding environment.

It’s true that the initial cost of eco-friendly fiberglass swimming pools may come in at slightly higher than concrete pools, but they have the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run, especially where repairs, replacements and maintenance is concerned! If you would like to know more about eco-friendly swimming pools and how they can benefit you, be sure to contact The Aqua Group for more information.

If you're looking for something a little different this year, speak to The Aqua Group about their unique options for Spas.
If you're looking for something a little different this year, speak to The Aqua Group about their unique options for Spas.

Why Invest in an Eco-Friendly Pool?

This year is going to be one of the hottest yet, because of this, the swimming pool industry has seen a sudden influx in investors. However, each year, hundreds of Americans invest in the wrong kind of pool and end up regretting it. What often happens is people immediately choose a pool that has a low initial cost, without thinking about the long term cost involved. Fiberglass pools are incredibly cost effective, and the fact that they are eco-friendly make them even better for families across America, so why are people still making the wrong decisions?

The first reason is strength. Contrary to popular belief, concrete isn’t actually very strong, and in areas where the temperature swings, or ground vibrations are frequent (such as near quarries or areas prone to earthquakes) cracks and repairs are often needed adding up to a long-running expense most pool investors won’t have even considered. Repairing concrete requires plaster and acid washing, both releasing harmful chemicals into the air. Excess plaster is then dumped in landfills, where it is left, clogging up space and harming the environment for many years.

Vinyl is another culprit when it comes to landfills, as the vinyl requires frequent replacements. Due to the nature of the material, vinyl must be frequently replaced, as this is done, the old vinyl gets thrown away. Vinyl is also prone to rips and tears, meaning even more replacements are requiring, meaning even more harmful vinyl gets dumped in landfills. Over the years, vinyl has become a lot less popular, however it was once considered to be a fantastic way of getting a swimming pool due to the price, however as years go by, the annual expense to repair or replace their vinyl lining can indefinitely mount up to an un-believable cost, making it not such a wise investment after all.

Eco-Friendly fiberglass pools require none of this, they are cost effective and they are a lot friendlier to the environment than their alternative counterparts. Because the fiberglass is molded and coated in a special gel, it means that it is non-porous and requires less chemical maintenance. Porous surfaces, such as concrete, are a breeding ground for bacteria and algae, and in order to combat this, concrete pools must be well monitored and well taken care off. Professional cleaning is required once a month in order to ensure your pool is clean, not only costing you a lot of money, but also releasing destructive chemicals into the environment.

Eco-Friendly pools will also last you a lifetime, with no need for re-coating, re-plastering or anything like that. The fiberglass is designed to be strong and durable, meaning that it won’t cost you further down the line. Vinyl swimming pools have an incredibly low initial cost, but unfortunately require annual liner-replacement to ensure the pool is strong and durable. This kind of set up is not very good for the environment at all, which is why they are becoming less popular amongst pool investors.

The main reasons people neglect being eco-friendly is because they think it’s too much effort, and too expensive. However, eco-friendly swimming pools are not only incredibly cost effective, but they can be installed within a week, making them incredibly easy to do. If you want to know more, visit The Aqua Group for all your swimming pool needs.

Are You Being Eco-Friendly This Year?

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The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Pools

Nowadays we’re all trying to do our bit just to be a little more eco-friendly, and manufacturers are becoming more aware of this. Everyone is trying to create new materials; new resources and new eco-friendly products to cater for the growing demand, and swimming pools are no exception. With the hot summer months approaching, more and more people are going to be investing in a swimming pool, and now more people are becoming interested in the prospect of eco-friendly pools. So if you’re not convinced, here are some of the advantages you could be enjoying by switching your decision from concrete or vinyl to eco-friendly fiberglass.

What makes fiberglass pools eco-friendly is mainly down to their design and how little maintenance is required to take care of them. Fiberglass pools are specially molded at the manufacturers, and then delivered to your home once the hole has been dug out for it. In contrast, concrete pools require an extensive installation process which involves plastering and acid washing, each releases harmful fumes into the environment. With fiberglass pools, no chemicals are required to install your pool, it is simply lowered into the ground, safely and securely. Because of this, installation time can potentially be as little as 3 days.

When fiberglass pools are being molded, they are also coated with a special gel that makes them completely non-porous, as opposed to concrete. This in turn means that your fiberglass pools will require fewer harmful chemicals and treatments to keep it clean, so nothing harmful will get into the environment. Concrete is a porous material which makes it a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. Because of this, you will need to clean it professionally at least once a month, the running costs of this monthly expense plus any repairs you may need to make can add up to well in excess of $16,000.00 every ten years.

Fiberglass requires very little repairs, it is actually 17 x stronger than concrete, allowing it to withstand temperature swings and even earthquakes. Concrete often cannot survive this kind of treatment and will often crack and leak. Repairs require re-plastering and re-acid washing. The excess plaster will then be dumped on landfill sites, clogging up our planet. Most fiberglass pools come with a lifetime warranty, so you will never have to worry about extensive repairs down the line.

And finally, Fiberglass pools are not only eco-friendly, they’re family-friendly too. Because they are molded, it makes the inside of your pool completely smooth and non-abrasive. Most of us will have suffered from the pain that comes with grazes, knocks and bumps from abrasive concrete pools, but this issue is a thing of the past with fiberglass pools, an advantage that your children especially will thank you for.

Taking the decision to invest in a swimming pool requires a lot of thought, but when it comes to materials, there needn’t be any thought involved. Choose an eco-friendly fiberglass pool every time for a reliable, efficient and stunning looking pool that far exceeds any other kind of pool material available today.

Eco Friendly Pools have the potential to look effortlessly stunning, a feet rarely accomplished by Concrete or Vinyl.
Eco Friendly Pools have the potential to look effortlessly stunning, a feet rarely accomplished by Concrete or Vinyl.


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