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Eco-Friendly Housewarming Gift Ideas

Updated on March 10, 2014
Bamboo Salad Servers
Bamboo Salad Servers

Going Green With Gifts

If you want to gift your new neighbors or a friend with a housewarming gift that’s actually friendly to the environment, you’re in luck. Many companies now offer lovely choices for gifts that look and feel upscale, yet are environmentally responsible.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Looking Online

The Internet will give you many more choices than the average store will. It will save you having to drive all over town looking for something that’s certified organic. Click on any of these sites and you’ll find you have more choices than you ever thought possible. It sure beats the traditional bottle of wine for innovation and creativity.

Company: All About Gifts & Baskets

A company that offers eco-friendly gifts is All About Gifts & Baskets.

Their selection is enormous and the treats are healthy. They provide gift baskets with all different types of organic items you select one online. You can have it packed in a tin or a basket.

They also offer sugar free cookies as well as lots of natural and gourmet foods.

Eco-Friendly Home Enthusiast


Company: Gaiam

Gaiam offers a wide selection of natural home décor and housewarming gift ideas. Choose from a shitake mushroom growing kit or a wooden bag dryer. There are also wildflower seed balls, recycling bags instead of plastic bins, and attractive countertop compost containers. There’s also a smart power strip that saves electricity. They offer DVDs and yoga products as well as spa relaxation products. Any of the gifts on their site would make an ideal homeowner’s gift.


Company: Bambeco

Bambeco uses the tagline “hot style for a cool planet.”

The gifts on their site really would warm a home. There are organic cotton tablecloths and napkins, eco-friendly doormats, wooden candle holders and even a colorful hummingbird feeder.

Browse around their site and you will find unique gifts that you won’t see anyone else show up with.

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Company: Vivaterra

Vivaterra has a catalog that they will mail you, but you can get their full offerings online. It’s fun to browse items like Himalayan salt votives and recycled metal signs. Carved wooden tables and sculptures also make nice gifts as do their thick, recycled glassware sets. They also carry hemp and reclaimed fiber rugs as well as stone bath mats and linen pillows and organic candles.

Go Green at Home


Company: Giving Plants lets you send “gifts that grow.” You can choose from a full assortment of plants from the exotic to the more familiar. Send bamboo or Persian violets. Choose from a bonsai plant or a rare orchid. There are gifts for every season, so you can select from hundreds of choices. It makes a nice way to add some greenery to a new home and it beats flowers that will wilt in a few days.

They also have a very helpful set of links on how to care for your plant once you receive it. Choose by plant type or price range. There’s something for everyone.

Enjoy Being Green

Giving an eco-friendly gift doesn’t mean giving something frumpy. You can now find very high-end items made with sustainable and fair trade components.

As the world gets more conscious about keeping the environment safe, businesses are offering more and more selections of lovely items you can gift and be proud of.

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    • TheListLady profile image

      TheListLady 6 years ago from New York City

      Oooh,lots of great tips and information. Thanks a million - I'll bookmark! Yay!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Pinkchic, I love the gift basket idea. We often give either a plant or a gift basket. Great ideas.

    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 6 years ago

      Outside bamboo does grow like a weed! Grew up w/it! Love the 'new' inside small takes on the real thing; and, biggest plus to me--you can do anything with it!

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 6 years ago

      Love giving bamboo anything as housewarming gifts...especially love salad bowl sets. Bamboo literally grows like a weed so it is eco-friendly. Great suggestions in this hub!

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 6 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      Great green ideas, pink.

    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 6 years ago

      Great ideas! Great hub! Thanks!