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EcoTensil: “Greener” Alternative to Plastic Spoons

Updated on March 6, 2011

10 Tasting Spoon Comparison

EcoTasters on left, plastic on right
EcoTasters on left, plastic on right

Even though people have become much more tuned in to the importance of making environmentally responsible purchase decisions and taking steps to eliminate unnecessary waste, disposable plastic utensils are still widely used by consumers and by professionals who work in the food service industry.

While people do seem to realize that disposable plastic utensils are not environmentally friendly items, unfortunately, convenience often wins out when it’s time to make purchase decisions. In many cases – such as for picnics and parties for consumers and serving takeout or holding taste-testing events for businesses – the convenience of disposable plastic spoons often wins out over the option of utilizing reusable utensils that have to be cleaned and kept up with.

About EcoTensils

Fortunately, with EcoTensil now on the market, making a decision between plastic and stainless steel or real silver is no longer the only choice when it comes to selecting spoons. EcoTensil is a unique product that provides an alternative between the extremes of plastic throw-away spoons and stainless or silver pieces.

EcoTensils are designed to be disposable in an environmentally responsible manner. When you choose to use EcoTensil for your serving needs, you don’t have to deal with keeping track of expensive stainless or silver pieces or dealing with the hassles of washing, drying and storing them between each use. Unlike disposable plastic spoons, however, EcoTensils are designed with sustainability and environmental concerns in mind.

EcoTensils are made from paperboard rather than plastic. The material used to make EcoTensils is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It is specially designed to compost very quickly. Additionally, EcoTensils are much more compact than their plastic counterparts. The environmental impact of throwing away a supply of EcoTensils is much different – in a good way – than tossing a comparable amount of plastic spoons into the trash

EcoTensil Size Pptions

EcoTensils are available in two spoon sizes: EcoTensil and EcoTaster.

The EcoTensil size is designed for full-size portions of items that can be eaten with a spoon. It’s a perfect choice for serving – and eating – ice cream, yogurt, soup, stew and more. It’s a great choice for food service businesses that market these types of foods and for families that pack lunches for school and work on a regular basis, or who enjoy camping and other outdoor activities where dining convenience is essential.

The EcoTaster mini size is designed to be a tasting spoon. It’s ideal for restaurants and food companies that provide opportunities for customers to sample items, as well as for special events like chili cook-offs and other taste test fundraisers.

Find Out More

To learn more about this interesting product, visit

Special thanks to EcoTensil for providing me with samples to evaluate.


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Excellent hub! This seems like a great product. I especially liked the spoon-lid they show on their site. I hope to see these in yogurt shops near me soon. Thanks for the information.

  • mgwhite profile imageAUTHOR

    Mary White 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Ghaelach - EcoTensils are not designed to be used when cooking. They are for taste testing or eating. You can eat soups and other foods at a proper serving temperature. They are not long enough to use when stirring boiling foods.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hello mgwhite.

    Very interesting and informative hub. But what happens when you are cooking and use hot or boiling water and hot foods, do these EcoTensils stand up to the heat? As you say about camping and other outdoor activities they are the ideal utensil to have with you and aren't costly if lost. LOL


    PS. Amazing as it is my name outside HP is jswhite. Isn't the world small.

  • Becky Puetz profile image


    7 years ago from Oklahoma

    very interesting Hub about eco utensils. i haven't noticed them on the shelves at any of the stores around here but will look closer the next time I visit.Thanks for sharing this find. Awesome hub.


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