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Ecofan 802-Woodstove Fan

Updated on March 10, 2014

The Ecofan 802 Range

The Ecofan 802 woodstove fan is stylish range of fans designed to sit atop your gas powered or woodburning stove and circulate the heat that would otherwise wastefully just rise to the room ceiling. Ingeniously they use no power other than the heat from the stove to drive themselves. That means they require no electricity, no batteries and zero cost to run as the heat from your stove is generated anyway.

Anyone who uses stoves that burn wood logs, wood pellets or any other planet friendly fuel knows these kinds of heating systems are good for the environment and churn out incredible temperatures at often small costs. However the one slight drawbacks with these stoves is their location. Tremendous though their heat output can be much of that heat struggles to circulate to the further reaches of rooms particularly so in very large, spacious rooms or spaces with high ceilings.

That is where the Ecofan 802 wood stove fan comes into its own. These amazing devices use the heat from your stove to generate their own electricity and power themselves. The spinning blades push the radiant heat right into the room instead of allowing it to just rise upward. As they require no power source the initial purchase payment is the only outlay you need make.


As well as keeping your home warmer you can cut costs by not having to heat areas of your home previously not reached prior to using an Ecofan! Your home will be warmer and much more comfortable but the savings can soon mount up because you may not need to burn as much fuel as more lost heat is retained and enjoyed. These brilliant devices are totally silent so the only thing you will notice is a warmer home and more cash in your pocket.

How Ecofans Work

The Ecofan 802 wood stove fan conducts heat from the stove as it burns fuel. The rising temperature reacts with a thermoelectric module in the base of the machine. Meanwhile the top of the module stays much cooler from the fan's cooling fins. This difference in temperature generates electricity within the thermoelectric module which powers the motor of the fan. Despite the very hot temperatures created by stoves the fan contains a fail-safe to prevent overheating and damage to the product.

The Environmental Wonder

As we all try do do our bit for the planet and of course try to save a little cash along the way, every now and then a great idea comes along. As a wood stove owner I know from experience how good they are at throwing out heat. Now for a small investment I can make my fuel be more efficient and save money. For that reason you cannot beat using such a simple device as an Ecofan 802 wood stove fan.

Ecofan Video

Why should I buy an Ecofan?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is "Can I justify buying and Ecofan?"

The very simple answer is "Yes!"

Your stove produces heat, that's its job. As you have seen here some of that heat naturally rises upward into the room and is lost. Using an Ecofan you can recoup that wasted heat and get the benefit of it. Although you will have a small initial outlay (these fans won't break the bank) that outlay will be repaid time and time again in saved fuel by making better use of the fuel you use.

In short, if you use a wood or multifuel stove, you need an Ecofan. Use the links to take a look at the great offers from AMAZON now.

The Ecofan at

Ecofan 810CAKBX UltrAir Mid-Size Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan, Made in Canada, Nickel
Ecofan 810CAKBX UltrAir Mid-Size Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan, Made in Canada, Nickel

Heat powered wood stove fan. Creates its own electricity from the heat of the stove. Increase your comfort. The Ecofan allows the warm heated air to circulate throughout your room. One year warranty.



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    • profile image

      jumperoony 5 years ago

      Very interesting concept. Thanks for great info.

    • profile image

      wood burning stove 6 years ago

      for w running wood burning stove is important to have such equipment. thanks for sharing.

    • torkinhedd profile image

      torkinhedd 7 years ago

      No power needed to work the fan except via the heat produced anyway by the stove. Heat is pushed into room instead of rising to ceiling. Truly ingenious!

    • profile image

      abc123 7 years ago

      Unique Invention, circulates warm air produced by wood burning stoves around the room with using any batteries or electricity.