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Ecoquest Air Purifier

Updated on June 15, 2010

Is Ecoquest Air Purifier Worth All That Money?

Ecoquest air purifiers cost a lot of money: over $700 for sure. And while the company has sold over a billion dollars worth of machines, they have been accused of annoying business practices. The first thing is the fact that they promote their product largely through network marketing. This mean that people go to meeting halls and listen to New Age music and listen to men in suits making up random statistics about the company and rattling off exuberant claims about air purification.

But they discovered a way to get even more annoying in their sales approach than merely network marketing... They recruited Dr. Laura. She has famously aped the infamous tag line, "Buy an air purifier or be the air purifier." Gasp! Well, at least they are extremely expensive.

Cheaper Alternatives to Ecoquest

The good news is that you have much better options if you didn't fall for Ecoquest's silly marketing gimmicks. Before you plunk out $725, take a look at how much these air purifiers cost

The Lightning Air ionic Sanitizing Air Cleaner does a great job with pollens and dust. If you suffer with allergies this time of year then this could be the air purifier for you. And at just $350 you could actually afford it if this is important to you. .

The Peack O3 Ionizer Ozone Generator Air Purifier is a portable device. It has an adjustable fan speed and puts out a nice sanitizing scent that will do wonders for your stinky air. Cook bacon in the mornings? Fart a lot? Have ugly kids? The O3 Ionizer will wipe out all your house's smells. And the price is right. How about $320?


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