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Flowers From Egypt Have a Certain Kind of Respect and Attractiveness

Updated on November 2, 2013

Egipt Flower

Egipt Flowers

Throughout history there happened to be various nations that rose up and played a role in creating the planet we live in modernly. Maybe not any of these happen to be so striking as the things that the Egyptians with their flowers brought to us. Not have they only left behind traces of advanced technology, culture and arts, they have built some of the more iconic architectural design throughout the globe: the Pyramids. Scholars have long been fascinated by the sheer number of long lasting things which these folks have built and left for us. Their remains remained through the coming of civilizations from Rome, Greece, France and other large people over the course of time. This has made them a force to be reckoned with in terms of art and agriculture, although with modern advances in archaeological findings we are discovering much more about these civilizations than we ever thought might be possible. Because of this we now understand their floral traditions, as well, simply because they were so great at keeping intact all parts of their culture.

Because of the remains found in the dry, airy burial spots of Giza and various other major Egyptian sites which hold historical importance, we now know not just the sorts of blossoms chosen, but they way they had been used. For the people of Egypt, there was symbolism within everything that they observed in the universe around them. The lilies which were covering much of the Nile, a important river which supported much of this impactful civilization, were actually the equivalent of a national bloom. There were festivals in which the people would gather to consume food and would have the lotus bloom induce dreams for them. Customs that used candles and pots which were made of silver that are used as the instrument which represented their dreams. They'd put these pots aside with the candles burning in a beautiful ceremony which acted as a river of dreams. If the pots, that were symbolic of the lotus which stood for all Egyptians, stayed afloat then their dream would come to fruition.

Alas, this day in Egypt we must say that flowers continue to play a hugely influential part. Not are they just used among the citizens here to honor weddings and other significant events, they're also a great aspect of the nations economy. A greater amount than one million pounds of blossoms are exported from Egypt every year, a majority of the flowers go to Europe where they're appreciated as truly exotic. Even today, buying flowers with an Egyptian theme or acquiring genuine blossoms which are from this region is seen as a really special thing. Relating back to those ancient times can continue to be an exciting thing for individuals of every culture because in today's world we still have a great amount to learn from our ancestors in this, one of earth's main influential civilizations.

As one of the more impressive civilizations of the ancient people, Egypt stands out for customs and rituals which have rarely been equal. Flora acted as a big role then in Egyptian customs much as they do currently.


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