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Electric Garage Heaters

Updated on August 19, 2009

Electric garage heaters are one quick and effective solution to warm up outbuildings, such as a workspace, shop or garage. Built in a rugged construction to cope in the often harsh conditions needed in an outdoor environments. Electric heaters are a perfect tool for heating a garage in a quick rate, as well as being clean and quiet in its operation, and often a safer and more energy efficient solution than that a a propane heater.           

Some of the more sufficient heaters are able to output in the region of 17100 BTU's to take on some of the more difficult outside heating tasks - often able to maintain warmth in areas of some 500 square feet. A safety feature to these electric garage space heaters is a built in thermostat to control overall heat management as well as a thermal trip to shutdown the unit automatically if it should start to overheat.   

For ease in installation these portable electric garage heaters are able to be fix mounted to a ceiling bracket or situated in an ideal position of the floor out of the of nearby objects or walkthrough traffic.

The series of Dayton electric garage heaters are often seen as a popular choice, often featuring a built-in thermostat, lightweight and portable designs, variable power settings, and fingerproof steel intake across the lines of models. One of the more recommended models is that of the Dayton g73 electric garage heater with an ability to cover 500 square feet, auto shut-off to avoid overheating, and built-in thermostat. In addition, the Dayton 120v offers radiant and convection heat, with a quiet operation, and ability to distributes heat evenly.

Another option is the electric infrared garage heaters to feature radiant spot heating,  with an output of 1500 watts, and perfect for a room 500 - 1500 sq. ft. Suitable in all draft areas, such as stores, churches, a small garage or warehouse in need of a portable and a focused source of energy.

These electric garage heaters offer that simple solution to stay warm and to be able to enjoy an outside building in cooler climate conditions. Although after the first months use it might be a good ideal to keep a watch on the energy consumption to see the overall expense, if compared to one of the propane garage heaters. Stay warm with the assistance of a robust, and efficient electric heaters for garage.


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    • profile image

      Beck 7 years ago

      We just finished installing an electric garage heater and love being able to have the use of our garage back this winter, we live in South Bend, Indiana and it get pretty cold here for months.