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Electric Kitchen Knife

Updated on January 19, 2011

Find electric kitchen knife deals plus buying tips all in this comprehensive hub. Greetings and welcome to yet another hub feature. Today I would like to talk something related to the place that is most dear to me—the kitchen.

Before I proceed, I would just like to say that I am proud to reach my January 2011 goal of 50 hubs early. Today is January 19, and any more hubs I finish before this month ends is just a bonus. I am clearly on a role and seeing ht page views stack up, as well as some earning from AdSense definitely makes me more inspired to write.

About electric kitchen knives

Anyway, back to the topic. Having an electric knife in the kitchen comes in very handy especially for those who love their meats—hams, roasts, etc. While the term electric knife seems a little vague, electrically-powered knives are usually meant for carving and slicing. They are also commonly referred to as electric carving knives. We all know how cutting the old turkey with a standard chef’s knife can be laborious; it is also tough to keep the slick straight, smooth and presentable. With an electric knife, you literally glaze through the meat, and the machine-powered staggered edges will do the trick.

How to find the perfect electric kitchen knife

Obviously, the first thing you look at when buying a knife (all knives at that) is the quality of the blade. In electric knives, the blades are normally staggered or serrated. Electric knives’ blades usually look much like that of a bread knife’s, only sharper. The serrated edge is essential because the backwards and forwards movement is quick and short. A good quality automatic knife should also have a blade that is easy to remove. With an electric motor at its handle, you obviously won’t be able to wash the whole unit. You would need to remove the blade and easy access blade is one that is always kept clean. If you wound need to reach for a screwdriver every time you need to clean the blade, chances are you’d more often than not end up not cleaning the blade.

One of the most popular electric kitchen knives is the Black & Decker EK700

The next thing to look out for is the quality of the grip. The grip normally houses the electric motor so it is the heaviest part of the knife. It is essential that the grip feels comfortable on your hands or it can get dangerous. It is common for users to drop these heavy knives. There are also styles for grips like those with rotary angles. These are those where the blade can rotate at an almost 360-degree angle so you can approach the slice multiple ways.

It is also common for these knives to be cordless—imagine you would handle an-already-bulkier knife and how it would be more of a hassle if you had to navigate through its long cord. This is also why these knives are also normally called cordless electric knives. Having a cordless electric knife is better, but to some the price difference is not that worth it.


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