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Electric Meat Slicers - Automatic Food Slicer Machines Cut Meats, Cheeses, Bread and Veggies

Updated on August 16, 2014

If you have ever stood and watched the employee at your local deli operate the meat slicer and wished you could own one of your own then you are definitely not alone. Meat slicers have been making their way out of the deli and into kitchens across the nation for some time now as people quickly came to realise just how useful this kind of food slicing machine for home use can be.

Meat slicing machines are often used to cut up ham, beef, pork and other various forms of carne but perhaps a more accurate term would be to call them food slicers, as many are now designed to cut all kinds of produce including cheese, bread, vegetables and other kinds of food too. They are very versatile and can quickly save you money too. Buying presliced ham, turkey, beef etc. will typically cost you at least 3 times more than the cost of buying a roast and processing it yourself to however thick or thin you prefer. It's easy to see how fast your savings could mount up by opting to slice your own produce rather than buying prepacked and presliced products instead.

It's healthier too as much of that prepacked, processed food comes pumped full of colorings, high levels of salt, numerous preservatives and other garbage and has, as a whole, been linked to heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer in some studies. One 50g portion per day of processed lunchmeat (as little as two slices) was linked to a 42% higher risk of developing heart disease in one Harvard research study. Yikes!

That's not to say you should suddenly become vegetarian but if you want to avoid the unwanted extras found in processed products and save a little money then slicing your own meat is cheaper AND's a win-win purchase!

EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer
EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

Made from cast aluminium and stainless steel, this model is easy to use and even easier to clean. Customers are impressed by its value for money and love being able to cut anything from deli-thin beef to thick chunks of bread.


As already mentioned, consumer grade meat slicers have begun to become a popular addition to the modern kitchen as more and more people have started to realise the cost and health benefits such a tool can have. Combined with a vacuum food sealer you could save a small fortune on your regular grocery purchases and put those leftovers to great use too.

Those designed for home consumer use are designed specifically for less rigorous usage and come in at a lower price. A commercial quality food slicer can set you back $1000 or more whilst a consumer quality one can be bought for under $100 up to around $400-$500 for larger machines. Top manufacturers of meat slicing machines for the home include Chef's Choice, Rival and Hobart amongst others whilst if you are searching for a commercial grade product with large blades and bigger carriages capable of taking big joints of meat, then Rival and Hobart offer some good choices.

Recommended models for use in a household setting include:

All About Meat Slicer Blades

As you go up in price, you tend to find the size of the cutting blade increases too so it is helpful to understand what this actually means to you, the consumer.

These blades range in size from around 7 inch blades up to 12 - 14" blades in the higher price brackets. Those under 9 inches in diameter are good for light usage and will probably not stand up to the rigors of commercial use but they are also much cheaper.

Bigger blades are for more rigorous usage but you will be paying more for the machine which will also make bigger cuts. That is not to say that cheap meat slicers are bad gadgets, because there are some excellent cheap ones out there on the market under $100 but that a smaller size blade may lead to some inconveniences especially if you are looking to make big slabs of beef.

Additional replacement blades can be bought for when the existing one becomes dull or otherwise unusable. Most food slicers will come with at least one, typically a serated blade but you can also buy a non-serated smooth blade instead which is suitable for other cutting purposes. Replacement meat slicer blades are machine specific and can often be bought from the manufacturer or online often at sites like Amazon.

Meat Slicer Safety Gloves

One important thing to remember when operating any kind of kitchen machinery is to be safe. All of these feature a super fast spinning blade designed to slice meat with ease and that include fingers and any other appendage you might decide to get in the way of it! That said, these appliances are safe to use if you treat them with respect.

One thing which is always recommended is to invest in a pair of cut resistant safety gloves for the kitchen when working with any kind of kitchen gadget with a blade. Cut proof gloves range from highly resistant material to something resembling a chainmail gauntlet which probably seems like overkill until you've seen someone painfully lose their finger tips on a mandolin slicer. Whilst both home and commercial meat slicers feature safety guards and are generally designed to keep you safe there's never such a thing as being too safe around rapidly spinning blades.

Always remember of course these are meant to be an added protection against kitchen knives, mandolin blades etc. and not a good reason to start being less cautious. They offer extra protection, not immunity, so you're not suddenly superman and impervious to penetration but you are a little bit better protected and that's certainly worth the price.

Adjustable Meat Slicers Cut Paper Thin Meats or Thick and Juicy Steaks

If you have ever wondered how do you cut meat wafer thin then wonder no more, because that's something you can do at home with a good one of these machines. An adjustable food slicer gives you the option to cut foods however thick, or thin you desire...within reason. Deli style paper thin cuts are possible as are cuts of up to 1 inch thick on many models. Adjusting the thickness of the cut is as simple as turning a knob to the desired thickness. For some models you can buy specialist blades for cutting and slicing prosciutto and paper thin ham slicing blades.

Manual Or Automatic Meat Slicers

There are two main types of these machines, the manual kind or the motorised electric meat slicers. The blade is always motor powered, it's the carriage which is motorized for feeding the produce through the machine. For most of us, electric carriage control is the way to go and will make short work out of cutting up your food in any way you desire. They are easier to use and faster too. You can also buy gravity feed models in which the carriage tilts to gravity feed those foods which can self-feed like bread, vegetables and fruit so you can go hands free.

Cleaning Meat Slicers

You should always thoroughly clean your chosen product after use and again, here is a good place to use cut proof gloves if you bought them and to be safe around the cutting blade. Cleaning directly after use is easier than waiting for juices and chunks of meat to become dried on and harder to clean and thorough cleaning is necessary to risk contamination the next time you use it. Some are easier to clean than others, the only real way to know is by reading ratings of the one you choose. Always read the manufacturers instructions for cleaning advice specific to your machine and do be safe when you do so.

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