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Heated Electric Bed Blankets - Warming Adjustable Heat Overblankets

Updated on August 18, 2014

You can't beat slipping into a nice warm bed when the weather is cold outside but more often than not, the inside of an average bed is pretty chilly when you first hit the sheets.

A heated electric overblanket will guarantee you never have to worry about that again and offers numerous other benefits to both those with health issues who could benefit from the added heat and those of us whose sleep is often interrupted or delayed by feeling cold at night.

What Are Electric Overblankets Anyway?

An electric heatable overblanket can be plugged into a power source to warm up a bed before you climb into it. It has coated wires inside which heat up as you turn up or lower the temperature level to provide heating which takes the chill out of the bed.

You usually put it between the sheets as you would a normal blanket, or inside of the duvet cover as it is more comfortable than having directly against your body as the wires inside make it somewhat less appealing to snuggle against.

Typically, these adjustable temperature electric bed blankets are set to a higher level to warm up the bed and then either turned off or set to a lower level once you actually get under the covers to sleep as your own body heat should maintain the heat level without too much additional help.

They are made to fit all the standard mattress sizes, meaning you can find king size overblankets, queen, full, twin and california king electric blankets in a variety of styles and colors. Electrical overblankets are not to be confused with heated electric under blankets or mattress pads which fit directly over the mattress itself or heatable throw blankets which are designed more for a snuggling into in you favorite armchair whilst watching tv or some other activity.

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Blanket?

Electrically heated blankets can be particularly useful for certain people and can have multiple benefits for the user.

The most obvious advantage is the heating aspect for warming up the bed. Getting into an ice cold bed in the middle of winter can be quite a shock and it can sometimes be hard to warm up again afterwards. Cold bed sheets suck to be frank, but a 10 minute blast from a warm up blanket will take that chill off and eliminate that chill so you'll never have to get into an icy bed ever again.

A warm bed can help you sleep better and get to sleep faster which of course can have numerous benefits. What price a good night's sleep? If you suffer from insomnia then being cold at night is definitely not going to help. Equally, if you always find you have cold feet in bed or have a medical condition like poor circulation which leaves you feeling cold a lot then heated electrical blankets will help enormously.

Lower Heating Bills This Winter With An Electrical Blanket

A heatable blanket can enable you to lower your heater temperature over night and save money. It is estimated you save 3% off your heating bill for every 1 degree you turn down your thermostat so this could easily save you a lot of money every month and more than pay for the cost to buy an electric heated blanket in the first place.

You can expect to be able to lower your thermostat by up to 15% over night when you buy an electric blanket, which for most of us, means around 5 - 10 degrees lower or in other words, you can lower an electricity bill by around 30% for the approximately 8 hours your spend in bed each night. Quite a saving.

Types Of Electric Blanket

Electric heating blankets have come a long way since they were first gained popularity although the general concept has remained the same. Newer electric blankets are safer, have thinner wires making the blanket more flexible, operate on a lower voltage and offer cool features like cordless remote control and in bigger, king and queen size electric heatable blankets, many offer the option to heat one side more than the other so both occupants of the bed can adjust the heat temperature to their own comfort level.

Heated Electric Blanket Safety Advice

If you follow proper usage instructions then there is no reason why you can not continue to enjoy the use of an electric warming blanket without any need to be concerned about its safety. You have to remember that, although it looks and feels like a blanket, this is an electrical device and should be treated as such. You wouldn't use a toaster with frayed wires or if it was wet but people do not treat electric blankets with the same respect. To avoid problems, make sure you read and fully understand the safety advice the manufacturer provides with the blanket upon purchase, which will include such advice as:

If the blanket is damaged in any way, including frayed edges, exposed wiring, broken wires or heavy creases which may have lead to damaged wires, then stop using it and throw it away.

Don't let people use it who may be insensitive to heat and find it hard to feel how hot the blanket is getting as this could be dangerous. This includes the elderly, diabetics and children.

Don't use if wet or there is a likelihood of it getting wet (eg. bedwetting) and never use it on a waterbed.

Pets should be kept away from it, especially if you use it as a bed topper as scratching, clawing and chewing will damage the blanket and may cause injury to the animal as well.

Basically, it's a matter of common sense. Keep in mind you have an electrical product which creates heat and treat it with the respect you would any other similar product. Just because it looks like a blanket doesn't mean it can be abused as such.


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    • profile image

      Larry 7 years ago

      Thank you for the informative, helpful site about heated blankets. I have been looking, without success for a California King heated blanket, in particular a high end Sunbeam. I see plenty of regular King Size. Are the CA King Size and the regular King Size heated blankets the same dimensions? I see many of them 100 x 89 or 90 for regular King Size.

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      Very informative article! I love my electric blanket.