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Battery Rechargeable Electric Pepper Mills and Peppercorn Grinders

Updated on August 17, 2014
Peugeot 24581 Electric Soft Touch 8 Inch Pepper Mill, Onyx
Peugeot 24581 Electric Soft Touch 8 Inch Pepper Mill, Onyx

Peugeot products are world renowned for the quality and precision of their products. This Peugeot mill features a 2 stage grinding mechanism. First it cracks the peppercorn to release the flavor and then grinds it to perfection. The coarseness is fully adjustable with a small twist of the base to choose between coarse ground or fine ground spice. A light in the bottom makes it easier to see how much you are applying to your food.


Pepper mills are used in both the home and professional kitchens to grind up peppercorns for seasoning food. There are both traditional manual and the newer battery powered types of this kitchen gadget available these days which are equally popular amongst home chefs and those who like to do a lot of entertaining. Manual twist mechanism pepper grinders require the use of both hands and require the operator to turn a top lever or twist an end cap to drive the grinding mechanism. Electric peppermills or, more accurately, rechargable battery peppermills do not require the user to manually interact with the crushing cogs and wheels, but instead, use electrical power to drive the grinding wheels at the touch of a button.

Battery powered peppercorn mills are preferable for their ease of use and there is less chance of cross-contamination of food stuffs when you just have to push a button for action. For home use, they make a great housewarming or wedding gift, especially if you opt for a giftable matching pair of electric salt and peppermill grinder set, but they are of course, an excellent purchase for yourself too.

They are especially useful if you suffer from RSI or other wrist or hand injury, have arthritis or any other condition where the manual twisting action is something which would cause wrist pain or discomfort. For the rest of us, they are just plain nice to have in your kitchen arsenal and much more convenient to use than a manually powered product.

Battery Powered Pepper Mills

Battery pepper grinders use a battery power source to turn the grinding mechanism for crushing peppercorns. Many of the best peppermill manufacturers offer battery powered spice grinders so you can be assured there are quality products to be found in this line of kitchen gadgets and not just expensive gimmicks designed to part you from your hard earned cash without offering much back in return. Some of the best electric battery pepper mills as rated and reviewed online include those which follow:

Choosing The Right Automatic Peppermill Grinder

Not all electric peppercorn grinders are created equally. Not only are there different visual styles but also different grinding mechanisms, and materials. The top manufacturers like Peugeot use only the best materials and will give you a long period of trouble free usage whilst others are more cheaply made and might only last a few uses. Those virtually disposable models are worth avoiding as you might as well just throw your money away.

The grinding mechanism is arguably the most important part of any automatic herb or spice mill. You want to look for durable, hardwearing grinding wheels which are rust resistant and will not corrode and dull with use. You also want an adjustable pepper mill which allows you to quickly modify the utensil to give you finer or more coarsely ground spice. Some, like in some of the Peugot models use two stage mechanism which first cracks the peppercorn and then grinds it for an improved flavor.

A glass viewing window is another useful feature to have. Many do not have a way to see how many peppercorns are left inside which leaves you to guess, or run out and have to refill during dinner. A thick plastic or glass see through section near the base allows you to see the amount of spices left so you can refill before it runs out.

All electric automatic peppermills are refillable by design but even here there are differences as some are easier to refill than others. Some require the use of funnels and careful manouvering through a small aperture to avoid watching peppercorns bounce all over your kitchen table or work surface, or are otherwise needlessly complicated in their own way. Finding one which doesn't have these issues will save you frustration later.

For most of us, finding the best automatic electric pepper grinding mill is as easy as checking out a few reviews and buying the best reviewed product at the cheapest price. For others, there are features which are an absolute must have and more careful appraisal is needed. Since you are looking at battery powered and electric peppermills, then assumedly, automatic grinding is a must have feature for you. However, perhaps you also desire a one with a light underneath so you can better see how much you are adding to your food, or a rechargable pepper grinder rather than a battery powered one which needs replacement batteries when they run out? The options are out there but for real user reviews combined with great prices a great place to start looking is at Amazon's selection which has over 100 different options to choose from and real owner reviews, ratings and opinions postd by previous customers.

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