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Affordable Home Solar Power

Updated on December 31, 2017
Electric Solar System for Your Home - Elusive Promise?  Or Here Now? | image credit: MS Clip
Electric Solar System for Your Home - Elusive Promise? Or Here Now? | image credit: MS Clip

Is Affordable Home Solar Power Here Now or is it an False Promise?

There’s no doubt that we’ve entered a new energy era in the 21st century.

The scramble is on to switch away from fossil fuels – coal and oil.

Not only are fossil fuels a huge contributor to greenhouse emissions – the cost of these fuels will rise as the world economy recovers,

The result . . .

. . . higher electric rates and heating bills for everyone.

Affordable home solar power. Is it an elusive promise? Or is it here now?

What does all this mean for you?

Have You Considered Electric Solar System for Your Home?

Higher electric bills are causing businesses and homeowners alike to search for alternative power sources. Solar power has come on strong in recent years as an alternative source of electric power. While the cost of utility-provided electricity is rising, the cost of home solar power systems is declining. Why?

  • new solar research and product development
  • new business investment in solar
  • more solar manufacturing capacity
  • government policies that encourage solar power
  • more local solar power installers

Is Electric Solar Power Right for Your Home?

Solar power is right for the 21st century. Its cost will continue to decline. But can you afford it, right now?

When you check out the cost of an installed home electric solar system, you’ll find that even after government financial incentives the up-front, out-of-pocket expenses can be tens of thousands of dollars.

If that is too much for you now – you can still get ready for the future by learning all you can about home solar power right now. How can you get started?

Learn About Electric Solar Power by Making Your Own Solar Panel

If you are a motivated home do-it-yourselfer you can make your own inexpensive solar panel. The parts and supplies are readily available. Many new books are available on home solar power. Excellent guidance materials are available on the internet.

Not only can you learn the craft of making and using a solar panel, you can learn about the science of this 21st century alternative energy.

Do-It-Yourselfers: Get the best step-by-step guidance to make your solar panel

If your are considering making a solar panel yourself, get good guidance materials -- you want a quality manual with detailed, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions on exactly how to make your solar panels.

Get prepared for the 21st century -- start now on your home electric solar system.

Your Solar Electric System Learning Outcomes

A wide variety of books in print have been written that are useful for study of home solar power systems. They cover everything from basic solar power principles to the reasons why sustainable power systems and alternative energy are important.

Home solar technology and products are rapidly evolving -- books that are several years old may be dated; you may want to acquire them for ideas and reference -- you also may pay less for dated books.

One of the most recent books is Solar Power Your Home For Dummies (For Dummies (Home & Garden)) (Paperback) by Rik DeGunther (2010) 408 pages. Thiis is the second edition of this popular Dummies book written for non-technical beginners.

As you work on your solar panel project you can review science principles you learned in school. By involving your family with you in this project, they can learn too.

By studying solar science as you plan and make your solar panel, you and your family will learn:

  • properties of conductors
  • properties of insulators
  • properties of semi-conductors
  • how solar panels produce electricity
  • how to build a solar panel
  • how to store electricity
  • how to convert electricity from dc to ac
  • practical home applications for solar panels

And you will learn whether solar power might be right for your house. How to get started?

Does Your Home Have Solar Power

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What has been Your Experience with Solar Power?

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