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Electric Towel Warmer Create A Home Spa

Updated on May 31, 2010

Warm up on cold mornings with an electric towel warmer. Getting out of a hot shower and stepping out into the brisk morning air is rough. Electric towel warmers give you the warm out of the dryer feel every single morning without having to run the dryer, wasting electricity and energy not to mention your time. Most models of electric towel warmer heaters use only about 80 watts. That's less then a light bulb

Heated towel warmers are not a necessity, but once you try it for a few days you will be as hooked to your electric towel warmer just as you are with your cell phone. Set in the bathroom right before stepping into the shower and drape the towel(s) over the bars. By the time you jump out of the shower, or approximately 20 minutes later, your warm towels are waiting for you just like if you were staying in a spa.

Other Uses For Towel Warmers

You can do much more then just have towels ready when you jump out of the shower. Leave wet towels draped over the electric towel warmer for two hours and come back to them soft and dry. The energy use is lower then in your dryer, and your towels will retain their softness and strength for much longer. Use it for the towel you just used, and it will dry quicker, allowing the towel to remain fresher for a couple more uses before needing washing.

In addition to towels, you can also warm bedding before getting into bed at night, or warm babies blankets, even have your robe toasty and cozy. Clothing before work on a cold morning always feels better when put on warm, but placing on heater vents is dangerous. This takes out the worry of leaving fabrics on heater vents, but gives that same warmth.

Towel Warmer Racks

Most towel warmer racks are stand alone and portable. There are some available wall mounted towel warmer racks that are also awesome for most bathrooms. If you are planning to use the towel warmer in more then one bathroom a stand alone is fine, but if you only have one bathroom or are planning to install in more then one room.

wall mounted towel racks are easy to install and are a better choice for most bathrooms.


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    • The Empire profile image

      The Empire 8 years ago from Napa, CA

      Oooh. I want one of these!!

    • Acquilles profile image

      Acquilles 8 years ago from Lucknow

      after reading your hub simply wish a bed with hot towels in a cold winter evening

    • Nemingha profile image

      Nemingha 8 years ago

      Some of these would be lovely on cold winter mornings or evenings.