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Electrical wire and a GE flat stop stove! Crazy Story

Updated on June 22, 2012
dangers of melted wires
dangers of melted wires | Source

Well today has been eventful! Last night at about 7:30pm our neighbors power went out, no big deal right? Wrong! He Called Ameren our power company and they said they wouldn't send anyone out for him until he had an electrician come out and make sure it wasn't an electrical issue inside the house. So all night the neighbors didn't have power!

First thing this morning the electrician came out to his house and assured him it was nothing with the house, that it had to be in the power lines. Well in the meantime our power was shorting out also. Plus the neighbors house had an electrical current through everything they touched, house hold appliances, door handles, everything in the garage, even his siding, and the fence that is on our property line.

So Ameren got called back out and when they looked at our power lines in the box or whatever it is called, they found that the neighbors lines were totally melted through and his lines were touching ours and had almost melted through ours! Talk about LICKY! Both of our houses could have caught on fire! So all the lines have now been replaced and taken care of. So just a word of advice if your power goes out make sure you call someone to have it checked!!

The other thing I thought everyone should know, that has a GE flat top stove. If your breaker is tripped, your stove clock will stay on! The stove top and oven on the other hand will not work! We were in the process of calling Shermans to have them come out to fix our stove, when we found on the GE website a similar problem we were having! That said all the light and stuff will work, but you have to turn any tripped breaker off and then back on! We had no idea the breaker was even flipped because the lights and stuff all worked, so that never crossed my mind. I guess when our almost fire happened it tripped the breaker. So if your Ge stove lights up but the burners will not work check your breaker:) Well I have to go I know it's a short hub today but just thought I would let you all know about our eventful day and give you a few pointers in case any of you run into the same problems! Please comment and tell me your experiences!


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    • NicholeRLovi profile image

      Nichole Thomas 5 years ago from Illinois

      I know we had someone looking out for us that day! I appreciate you taking the time to read my hub:)

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      You were lucky you didn't have a fire. Very interesting hub. Voted up.