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Electricians To Design And Repair Electric Appliances And Wiring

Updated on June 24, 2012

High Voltage Work

The work of an electrician is to take care of electric wirings, connect, repair and assess the system .The electrician work requires great care and precaution because it involves handing high power wires and cables. The working condition of electrician requires great physical work, which involves fitting tools and supplies, and occasionally, the electricians have to bend, kneel and make connections in awkward positions.

The main requirement of electrician is in the field of construction and in maintaining the electric supply of households in every locality. The electricians mainly work on contract basis or are employed at offices, and they have to design, install and take care of all the electric appliance and wire connections starting from simple television cable to wiring ships.

Getting an Electrician Licence

To practice as an electrician license is required in some countries and some electricians are not allowed working, until they are approved by a contractor. Electricians are also known as electrical wire men in US who are responsible for distributing the system at high voltages and electrical contracting work is done in industrial, residential and commercial wiring. The main skills required is to trouble shoot problems in wiring, make repairs and implement new wiring. There are other electricians who work in specialized fields such as medical, research and industries. In UK electricians are designated as per their jobs. There are various names used for electricians such as data electricians, panel wirer, highways electricians, and these electricians have to work on permits. They are also segregated as per the grading and sometimes, without approved grading they are not allowed to work. Some electricians also work as per agreements of the union, which involves defined employment conditions.

Sometimes, apprenticeship program is provided to electricians, which is done under supervision of head electrician. In Canada restricted licenses are issued to electricians working in repair, appliance management, installation and similar jobs.


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