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Furnishing a New Home

Updated on August 13, 2013

Choosing Furniture

Buying furniture for a new home or refurnishing an existing one is usually very enjoyable, but also can be quite time consuming. If you stick to some basic rules you will find that all your efforts are worthwhile, and you will have a home that you can be proud of. When purchasing any item of furniture, there are usually three things to consider; comfort, the appearance of the item, and also if it fits into your budget.

If you shop with care, you will be able to find many furniture pieces that are excellent value for money and probably priced lower amount than expected. Obviously knowing where to shop is important, but also the time of year you shop can play a major part in how much money you will spend.

G Plan Furniture
G Plan Furniture

Furniture Colours

When shopping for large items of furniture it is a good idea to go for neutral colours. These include black, white, beige or grey, as well as wooden furniture, which basically will match anything.

In the 1960s, G Plan furniture became popular. This was a style of furniture that remained the same throughout the years so if a family bought a dining table one year, the following year they could purchase a matching cabinet or television table without having to worry that the piece would no longer be available. This is a good concept to follow; buy pieces that you know you can match well with other items if you have to wait a year or two in between purchases.

Buying Furniture Online

Searching on the Internet for furniture is not only a way to possibly save a considerable amount of money, but you will also find many items that are not available locally. Shopping on a niche or designer furniture website may be fairly expensive, but you will find there are plenty of websites that have greatly reduced prices over those of local brick and mortar stores. is an example of a site where crafters sell their goods, and you can find many beautiful handmade items at knock-down prices that will give your home a truly unique look.

Remember when purchasing online to ask the seller about returns in the event that the item does not live up to your expectations. You should also make sure that you know the exact dimensions of the furniture, and measure your room to make sure that it will fit in properly. Take into consideration how you will get the furniture into your home, and measure any doorways, stairways or elevators to be sure that you will be able to manoeuvre the piece into the room.

Be Aware of Scale

Many times you will come across a larger item of furniture such as sofas, that look fabulous in the showroom, but you must remember to take scale into consideration, because the same piece in your own home could appear far too bulky and large.

Finding Bargains

After Christmas and the New Year you will find many furniture stores reduce items significantly in order to make way for new stock. You may have to queue along with other people for several hours before the doors open in order to get the best bargains, but this is a small price to pay considering you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on many items including luxury items like kingsize beds when furnishing your home.

The tradition of Cyber Monday which started in the US, is also now becoming popular in other countries such as Canada and the UK. Cyber Monday falls in November on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Online retailers offer important reductions on many items for 24 hours, so do take advantage of this where possible.

When searching for furniture and home furnishings, don't compromise if you can't find what you're looking for straightaway. It is preferable to make do with old pieces or even sit on boxes for a few weeks until you find the perfect items. Buying a piece of furniture that you are not comfortable with is not a good idea as you will be using it for several years.


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