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Elegant Marble Fireplaces

Updated on September 15, 2013

Elegant Marble


Though fireplaces can be made from many materials, marble fireplaces have continued to remain popular for decades. These are strong and elegant with luxurious looks; for this reason marble fireplaces are often the first choice of designers and architects. Taking the technical attributes; marble is also fire resistant, heat reflecting, insulating and very durable.

Classic look

While some people are on the lookout for modern fireplaces, others enjoy the classic look. And what is more classical than an impressive and sophisticated marble fireplace. You can use it in indoor or outdoor settings and it tends to be the focal point of any room because of its lovely looks. They help creating a relaxed, soothing mood when you are sitting in front.

Research Before you Buy

If you are considering installation of a fireplace, you can search the Internet to view their designs and collect technical data and prices. Alternatively, you may visit showrooms in your neighbourhood. Fireplaces are available in marbles of different colours and come in varying designs. Ultra-modern designs will have clean straight lines with minimum decorations, while the more traditional styles are usually more elaborate.

Types of Marble

When shopping for a marble fireplace, you should be aware of the basic types of marble like natural, micro or conglomerate. Natural marble fireplaces, made from 100% marble cut outs, are crafted and then polished. Marble sheets are obtained from quarries and come in natural colours. Micro marble, on the other hand, is artificially prepared; engineered from natural marble that is compressed with resin. The conglomerate variety is also man made and produced from massive pieces of crushed marble. This kind is available in a large range of colours. The most popular colour options are pink, antique white, peach, beige, grey, black and gold.

Shapes and Sizes

You can find marble fireplaces in various sizes and different shapes. You can have them fabricated on machines, or they could be hand carved or sculptured. You'll also find a large collection of marble fireplace surrounds that can be added to an existing fireplace. Modern manufacturers employ latest technical processes to create marble surrounds that would fit almost any home decor and design.

Realistic Gas Fire

Special Designs

While choosing a marble fireplace, representing a real work of art, you should be prepared to pay a significant amount of money as such a piece will be costlier than usual fireplaces. Those with an artistic bent can view the items on various websites and employ their creativity to get a fireplace made to their exclusive design and size. You may even choose your own frame, hearth and mantle surround. You could even create a piece with two hearths. The hearth at the bottom will be bigger with intricate carvings, while second hearth may be bowed. Perhaps, you could plan for three mantles, each with a distinct pattern. You may furnish the columns of your fireplace with 3 vertical graceful lines. The inset of your hearth could be of marble. You may like to have your fireplace in a striking beige colour.

Type of Fuel

You'll find that a country or antique design goes well if you intend having something with a wood burning style. Depending on your personal preference you can use propane, natural gas, electricity or multi-fuel in your marble fireplace. Now that you are armed with all the necessary information, you may go ahead and find your ideal marble fireplace and enjoy the comfort and warmth with family and loved ones.


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