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Solid Oak Furniture

Updated on November 11, 2013

Choosing Oak Furniture

Choosing solid oak furniture for your home is a sound investment: Oak furniture will last throughout your entire lifetime and also the lifetimes of future generations. Therefore, although oak furniture items may have a high price tag, you really do get value for money, plus there are several other reasons you should consider oak furniture.

Dining table sets, television cabinets, sitting-room dressers, bedside tables and bed frames are just a few of the items that you will be able to purchase in solid oak. Oak is a material that is easy to carve, plane, and finish by a professional carpenter: Because it is a wood that is easy to work, it is excellent for both modern and rustic furniture designs, which renders it one of the most versatile materials for furniture and it will definitely outlast any flat-pack or veneered furniture.

Further Reasons for Choosing Oak Furniture

The durability of oak is thanks to its very low rate of moisture absorption, and also because it is extremely bug resistant: Unlike other types of wooden furniture; oak furniture is not susceptible to woodworm or fungi. Oak furniture pieces add warmth and elegance to any room, making it appear luxurious and stylish. Furthermore, you can be sure that if you invest in oak furniture your home will have a truly unique look, that is bound to bring compliments from visitors.

Oak Furniture Choices

It is possible to purchase ready-made oak furniture for all the rooms of your house and even your office. For your bedroom you will be able to purchase a solid oak bed frame in single, double, Queen, and King size; to finish off the room you can add some bedside tables, a solid oak wardrobe, and an oak chest of drawers to make a really elegant and comfortable room.

To give your living room a unique and majestic appearance, decorate it with a number of solid oak items such as a TV cabinet, a dining room table, a sideboard, a coffee table, and a bookcase. You can also have smaller items such as a wine rack, or a CD display to further improve the room.

A solid oak dining table and matching chairs will almost certainly be a subject for conversation and compliments when you invite guests around to eat. You will find you can buy oak dining chairs with leather or fabric seats if you prefer something softer than wood.

Making Your Oak Furniture Last Longer

In order to improve the durability of furniture made from solid oak, you will need to treat it with care; the furniture should be dusted with a dry soft cloth, and occasionally wiped with a slightly damp cloth. If a drink is spilled onto a solid oak table, it should be wiped as soon as possible: It is imperative to use coasters at all times for hot or cold beverages, and protective mats under hot plates. Above all, try to keep your oak items away from direct sunlight and scorching heat. Every six months or so you will need to treat the furniture by polishing it with bees wax.

Providing you follow these simple steps your furniture will still be serviceable for your grandchildren, and even their children.

Oak Furniture for Patio or Yard

Oak Patio Furniture
Oak Patio Furniture
Outdoor Swing Seat in Oak
Outdoor Swing Seat in Oak


Oak is even suitable for garden furniture, because unlike metal or plastic, it does not become rusty or brittle. As long as it is treated correctly, oak garden furniture is very durable even under direct sunlight and heavy rain. Even without treatments, Oak will collect a silvery patina that is still quite attractive, but if you prefer to keep the rich golden hue, then treatment is necessary.


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