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Emergency Candles - Butter

Updated on October 23, 2014

Yes, you are reading that title right

Yes you read it right. Today we are going to talk about using BUTTER as a candle alternative. So shake your head again and open your mind.

I can admit I was in a bit of disbelief myself when I first read about it to.. But then I got to thinking really hard about this alternate method of candles.

I mean think about it for a minute.... WHAT IF... (and that's a big what if, because who DOESN'T have candles in their home?) you didn't have a candle? What if the power went out? What would you do? Yes there are other options, and we will discuss those later.

Who doesn't have butter in their fridge? Let's be real for a minute, I know I do. We all pretty much have it on hand for some sort of cooking! But what if you needed that butter for another use? For instance... A CANDLE? Now before researching this, I NEVER would have thought to use a stick of butter for a candle. Well I'm about to tell you how!

Wanna watch the video first?

What you will need for your butter candle

1) Okay, here's a shocker.... You need a stick of butter!

2) Toilet Paper (or in the event you have none, paper towels work just as well)

3) Something small to poke a hole with. (toothpick, skewer, paperclip etc...)

4) Something to ignite your flame (lighter, matches etc...)

Got your materials? Good, let's get started on your assembly!

Ok, Now that you have all your materials handy let's get started!

First you are going to take that reliable stick of butter and you are going to cut it in half! Yup, chop that baby right in half. (Place cut side up)

Now take your handy dandy hole poker (your paperclip or toothpick) and poke a hole in both of your cut butters. (Make sure you are in the center of the butter and go all the way to the bottom)

Now you will need your toilet paper or paper towel piece. Twist that baby up. Yup, take your piece of toilet paper or paper towel and twist it tightly until you have a long piece of it. *Put a bend in it at the bottom so about a 1/4" is exposed at the top.

*TIP- Use your hole poker (toothpick or paperclip) to guide your toilet paper or paper towel to the bottom of your butter, leaving about a 1/4" exposed at the top (remember to bend the bottom)*

*Helpful Hints*

*The colder/firmer the butter, the cleaner your cut will be

*Every 1 TBS of butter will burn for about 1 hour.

*Your "wick" will need a lil starter fuel. Achieve this by rubbing the "wick" tip into the exposed butter.

*Upon lighting your "wick", hold the flame at the base of the "wick". This will help the butter to melt a tad for the flame to become self-sustaining. This might take a few seconds, so be patient.

* DO NOT fret if you see that your flame dies out a little bit at the beginning. Your butter needs to melt a little bit, the flame should return to size after this happens.

*Be smart and keep your "butter candles" on a glass plate, or in a GLASS cup. (Please don't be one of those retards who will use a plastic one! Keeping it in a glass cup will help you reduce your risk of a draft blowing out your flame and keep it contained from becoming a fire hazard as well.


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