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English Cutlery

Updated on September 2, 2010

When we mention the word “cutlery” it refers to tools commonly used by people in preparing meals such as knives; however, the term seems to be more associated with items we often use for eating such as fork and spoons. In the 13th century, the Sheffield knife that the king possess is usually pertained to as cutlery.

In fact, Sheffield knives are considered to be part of their history that is why it is in exhibit in museums and at that time, Birmingham, England became the cutlery center of the world.

Cutlery is an important utensil which is why it should be long lasting, convenient to use and easy to care for. Cutlery can be made up of different materials and ingredients, it’s just a matter of what is its intended function. Plastic cutlery is suited for informal gathering like children’s parties because it can be disposed of easily.

English Cutlery
English Cutlery

Other forms of informal gathering that plastic cutlery can be utilized are weekend barbecues, impromptu get-together or reunions. Fast food chains that have a high demand for their product utilizes cutlery for efficiency, and sanitary reasons.

Silver or gold cutlery are utilized when it comes to formal occasions. Nonetheless, nothing can compare to English cutlery where it is composed of the finest collection of stainless steel or silver. According to history, the first people who utilized cutlery are those from England.

English cutlery is considered to be a collector’s item because it features a stainless steel or sterling silver composition. Once your guests notice your cutlery collection, they would surely be impressed. There are also some variation of English cutlery but basically collectors would be happy enough to covet the original design since 1750.

The antique design of English cutlery is very traditional which can add grace to any formal dinner setting. Classical cutlery should be stored and carefully kept in places that would leave it shiny and clean for the next formal occasion. English cutlery has also contemporary designs that appeal to the younger generation of collectors. There are British websites that can provide information and cutlery designs for those cutlery collectors. 


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