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Enhance Any Décor with a Mirrored Furniture Chest

Updated on August 1, 2010

Mirrors have always been used in various areas of the home for practical purposes and to decorate homes. The newest trend in home decorating has combined mirrors with furniture to add a touch of style and elegance to any home. The mirrored furniture chest is just one accent piece available to enhance any room or living area of the home whether the décor is traditional or contemporary.

There are many attractive shapes and styles to choose from. Some bureaus incorporate one to nine drawers with mirrored sides, tops, and/or drawers. Bureaus can be oval shaped, square, round, or rectangular. High quality, select hardwoods are used in the making of these mirrored chests that feature beveled edges and equally beautiful hardware to match the mirrored effect of this luxurious accent piece. Mirrors incorporating a light tint conveniently hide fingerprints and smudges. This furniture is just as easy to maintain as standard mirrors by dusting or polishing as needed to ensure a stunning effect.

These beautiful pieces work well in the living room, dining room, hallway, entry, and bedrooms. Even the theme of a child’s bedroom can be highlighted with the placement of one of these mirrored beauties. A small room is greatly enhanced from the addition of one of these pieces. A larger room or area could benefit from two to three of these mirrored bureaus. Imagine the beautiful reflections that would result by adding a decorative light on the mirrored surface or hanging a decorative light or chandelier above a mirrored dresser. Even plants or potted room-sized trees appear more elegant positioned next to this furniture.

Mirrors give the appearance of a larger room or living area when placed in smaller sized rooms or areas such as hallways or entryways. These bureaus are a great investment and can change the feel of a room by just adding one or more pieces.

There is a glamorous yet durable mirrored furniture chest available to fit anyone’s price range. All homes would benefit from the placement of this accent furniture that is both practical for storage and an eye-appealing point of interest in any living space.

You can learn more about all aspects of mirrored furniture at specialty sites like Mirrored Furniture Gallery.


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