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Enjoy Decorating and Furnishing Your Bathroom with Stylish Bathroom Suites

Updated on April 26, 2013

The bathroom suites are a combination of fittings and products and accessories that are perfect for each other and complement each other for an effective look and interior of your bathroom.
The bathroom suites are packages that include various bathroom products like the basin, vanity units, toilet pan and seat and a bath. Some suites also include cabinets and various accessories like the taps, mixers and bidets.

Various bathroom suites you can choose from for a nicely equipped bathroom

Contemporary styled bathroom suite

The contemporary styled suites generally have smooth and clean geometric designs. They provide a new modern look to the bathroom. Accessorising your bathroom is very necessary; with all contemporary fittings the smaller objects like the tooth brush holder, the toilet paper roll and the towel rails if chosen appropriate it makes a complete bathroom. A minimalistic chrome radiator or a towel rail is a safe option for the contemporary interiors.

Traditional bathroom suite

The traditional bathrooms invoke a homely feel in the bathroom. With a traditional interior ensure the bathroom remains bright and beautiful with ample daylight through the windows. The traditional bathroom interiors also include the royal and the opulent decorations. Decorative light scones and elaborate bath showers can be perfect for that rich look.
Disability bathroom suite

Disability bathroom suite

If you have elderly member in your family do take into consideration that they will be using the bathroom and will be requiring some assistance to do so. An elderly person slipping into and having a fall in the bathroom can be fatal. Furnish various grip and grab bars and tap turners and temperature detectors in the bath tub for helping them out assist themselves in the bathroom.

Compact bathroom suites

If your bathroom is very small or you plan to have a small cloakroom in the house (if you have unutilised space under the stairs or anywhere in the house having a cloakroom is the best way to utilise it.)  The compact suites can do wonders. The suites with just a basin and toilet can be fitted in well in a small space and can be converted into a cloakroom. When you have lot of guests there won’t be a line for using the bathroom. You’ll have a cloakroom handy.

Corner bathroom suites

The corner bathroom suites are for the very small places say you have a very small bathroom or a small cloakroom where you cannot fit in a toilet and basin however small they are. The corner pieces are compact and consume the least space and fit into any corner with ease while providing sufficient space to move around.


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