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Enjoy Healthy Steamed Foods at Home with Orka Steam Cookers

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are you looking for healthy ways to prepare food at home? It's a fact that steaming is one of the most healthful ways that food can be prepared. This cooking technique allows you to create delicious recipes without having to add butter, oil, or any other calorie laden ingredients to the foods you are preparing. Additionally, steaming preserves the nutrients and flavors of fresh foods, and also results in moist meals that are cooked thoroughly and evenly.

There are several ways to enjoy steamed foods at home. You can prepare steamed foods on the stove top, using a specially made steam pot, or any lidded pot in which you can place a rack. However, you don't have to use your stove to enjoy healthful and tasty steamed foods at home. Whether for the convenience or to avoid generating additional heat in the kitchen, many people prefer to steam foods using their microwave oven.

Orka Silicone Food Steamers
If you're looking for a container that you can use for either microwave steaming, be sure to check out Orka's multi-level steam cooker. This set is designed for the needs of busy home cooks in mind. The silicone steaming basket serves double duty as a colander, allowing you to rinse and steam fresh veggies in the same container. It also includes a steaming tray that fits snugly above the basket, allowing you to steam two dishes at the same time. You can easily prepare a full meal at one time, preparing veggies on one level and meat on the other. It even works for cooking rice. The steaming basket, tray, and lid can be used with a traditional pot for stove top steaming.

Steaming doesn't have to be limited to the stove top or microwave. Orka even carries silicone steamers that can be sued in the over. In addition to the multi-level steam cooker, Orka also offers a line of silicone steamers in a variety of sizes that are safe for both microwave and traditional oven use. Options range from single serve 12 ounce personal steamers to 42 ounce oblong and square steamers that can be used to prepare family meals. There is also a 27 ounce size that can serve double duty as a long cake pan.

These affordable steam cookers are affordable and available in a variety of colors, so they can be an attractive addition to any kitchen. There's no reason to avoid steaming foods at home when preparing them properly can be so easily with one of these products. When you have one (or more) of the Orka steam cookers in your kitchen, you can enjoy delicious home cooked steam meals any time you want.


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  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    nice hub thanks for share. use steam is the healthy way than fried.