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Entertain in the Garden

Updated on September 3, 2013

Fun in the Yard

Laughter is an amazing thing, and it always seems to be abundant among friends, especially when hosting them in the garden. There are a few key points to entertaining guests; food and drinks, music, and a set up that encourages great conversations.

Menus and Music

Food and drinks are fairly easy with options ranging from cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, to themed menus, and even elaborate sit down meals. If you have some talented friends, pot luck can be a sumptuous deal; everyone brings their specialty.

Music on the other hand can be a tough choice, as it sets the mood and can really carry the night, or spoil it. The rhythms can swoon and oscillate, interspersing in and out like an extra guest; changing topics, moving bodies, and spreading its harmonic charm.

Furniture to Blend with Nature

Food and music are very important but it is the set up that becomes the mortar to their brick. Everything falls flat without the set up. The garden can provide amazing opportunities for arranging patio furniture and it provides a naturally serene peace, showing off your skills as a horticulturist. Choosing a garden furniture set to accentuate the garden is a good way to have a backdrop for conversation.

Cosy and Comfortable in the Garden


Practical and Comfortable

Having the right patio furniture is important when entertaining guests outside. You need something that can function during the day with brunch and mimosas, but you also need furniture that invites them to hunker down and stay awhile as the hours grow late.

In the garden, patio furniture should be aesthetically pleasing;, highlighting the beauty of its surroundings, although what matters most is if the chairs contain friends telling stories; effortlessly creating a party.

Pool Parties are Fun

If you have a swimming pool, a pool party is always popular, and a lot of fun. Tell guests to dress casually and not to wear anything that will spoil if it gets wet! The norm is that everyone will end up in the pool, even fully clothed!

Fun is Foremost

Your cooking and entertaining skills are not important; what is important is that everyone feels at ease and has a great time.


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