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Ergonomic Executive Chairs – Save your Spine on the Companies Dime

Updated on February 1, 2010

The Case for Ergonomic Executive Chairs

We spend over a third of our life (sometimes more) sitting at our desks and that’s just only at work.  If you factor in the commute time, meal times, and sitting watching TV, it’s more like 45-50%.  Now a lot of this is unavoidable but it’s important to control what you can to protect your spine and ultimately your health.

Ergonomic executive chairs are specifically designed to accommodate long periods of sitting and substantial loads.  The executive style chairs have a high back that is intended to support the neck and upper back while typing.  Most ergonomic office chairs also have a swivel built in to assist in weight shifting and position rearrangements.  The pneumatic piston allows for easy changes in height to find the most comfortable and appropriate height while the lumbar support built into ergonomic chairs provide the reinforcement needed to maintain proper posture.  For these reasons, it’s important to get the best ergonomic executive chair you can afford. 

It’s tempting to go with an inferior office chair because they cost less.  While upfront this may seem true, when you factor in health related expenses such as doctor’s and chiropractor’s visits, time off from work, and poorer circulation the true cost can be much, much less.  In addition, there are many resources available that allow you to find cheap ergonomic executive chairs that are a fraction of the cost of retail.  Trust me, it’s worth the research to find good, affordable ergonomic executive chairs that will provide the support and comfort needed to protect your health.

Now many people advocate spending around 20 minutes in an office chair to get a feel for the comfort and features that you do or don’t like.  While this is definitely some good advice, it’s important to understand if you’re getting a good deal or not.  My strategy the few times I’ve had to purchase ergonomic chairs has been to research prices online, getting a feel for the model and price range that I liked and then try out the chair in the store to see if it met my approval.  This way if I am satisfied then I can buy the ergonomic executive chair in the store if it’s cheaper and if it’s not I can always go back and order the executive chair online.

This is all well and good if you are purchasing your own ergonomic executive chair but if you can get it through the company, even better.  At this point, depending on the budget, it may be worthwhile to look at the high end ergonomic chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Knoll Chairs, and Bodybilt ergonomic chair.  These more expensive models tend to have a few more design features that make them more comfortable, easier to use (think of how nice smooth casters are), and a little more aesthetically pleasing. 

The best ergonomic executive chairs tend to be the Herman office chairs.  These chairs are expertly designed and crafted using a variety of recycled parts and natural fabrics.  A lot of design and engineering (and let’s not forget marketing) has gone into crafting the Herman office chairs and believe me you can tell the quality by sitting in them for just a few minutes. 

I hope that you are convinced that buying an ergonomic executive chair is worth the investment.  It’s not only an investment in a quality piece of furniture but more importantly your health.  As with most things in life, if you spend a little time doing your homework you’ll be able to find an affordable ergonomic executive office chair that you’ll be happy with for years.

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