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Ergonomic Office Furniture Review

Updated on March 26, 2010

Selecting Quality Ergonomic Office Furniture Without Breaking the Bank!

Ergonomic Office Furniture doesn't have to be expensive... with a little planning you can configure a quality solution with technology furniture designed specifically for today's office environment. What looks like a simple cart on the outside is actually an amazingly configurable piece of technology. From the way the shelving fits together to the add on accessories like baskets, monitor arms, surger protectors. Open up your imagination and let me share with you how I set up my office.

The difference between a quality Ergonomic Office Furniture Set up and an Office Depot particle board desk is night and day. It's an old cliche I know, but it is so true! There are actually times that I get so focused and I’m so comfortable that when I’m doing what I love doing… which is creating and writing I almost forget its work. I’m now going to share with you a little of my adventure into the world of Ergo Furniture selection for the home office, and what I did, how I did it, and what I ended up choosing to furnish my office.

After years of working on a very basic computer desk and cheap office chair I got it through my thick head that I could be a whole lot more productive if I were more comfortable. So I began to look at the different options for Ergonomic Office Furniture.

I remember back in the day at the company I worked for straight out of College had these very expensive Steelcase Cubicles. I knew the quality of the Steelcase Office furniture was high, but I never felt comfortable in the beige boxes. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on a home office set up. So after I made myself at least consider Steelcase I moved on.

My next move was to do what most of you would probably do when looking for Office Furniture. And that is drive around to all the office supply stores – the well known retail outlets like Office Depot and Staples. That’s where I found brands like Hon Office Supply Furniture (I have a Hon Filing Cabinet… so I figured it couldn’t be too bad), and O’Sullivan Furniture which is the glue together stuff. I already have some knockoff glue together furniture so I knew I didn’t want that. All the other office furniture brands left me feeling like I was looking at the kind of stuff that was a long ways from Ergonomic and wouldn’t last.

So I visited the local Business Supply Office Furniture places. If you have read my hub about Ergonomic Office Chairs you’ll know a bit more about that adventure. And they offered a quality that was a huge step up from the typical Office Depot product. Actually I found some Humanscale Design that I really liked, but it was very expensive.

So with all this information floating around in my head I was beginning to formulate a better idea of what kind of Ergonomic Office Furniture was available and what it would cost me.

Again I did what most of you would do. I wrote down model numbers of the furniture and I began to shop it online to make sure that the prices offered were competitive. And I honestly had the intention of buying local, but I wanted to feel like I was getting a good deal And the shipping cost for high end office furniture I assumed would outweigh the cost of just having it delivered locally.

It was during this online furniture shopping process I came across a small company in Oregon called Anthrocart. Anthrocarts looked cool to me because there were modular and configurable. But I didn’t know anyone locally who carried their products, although I’m sure there probably were some vendors had I looked a bit harder.

Anthrocart offered something in between the high end office supply distributors and the local retailers. They have a terrific website. you can check out for yourself. I am not compensated for this link, I list it because I own, like, and use there products. It’s a word-of-mouth endorsement.

The ability to create an office environment from modular furniture “carts” really appealed to me. I liked the idea of having my office on casters so I could move it around. I liked the idea of being able to add to the carts with accessories. So I stopped shopping and started buying when I rea

I ended up configuring this really cool cart with 4 shelves that stack about 6’ high. I have my two tower computers on the bottom shelf, my main workhose computer, modem, router, and accessories on the middle shelf. My scanner and external hard drives on the 3rd shelf, and my inkjet printer and speakers on the top shelf. Sweet Suite! Everything fits very neatly and only takes up 24” of space.

If I need to rewire or add components (because the cart is on casters) I just slide it into the center of the room. No more crawling around under the desk. The Anthro Ergo Furniture is really amazing… it goes together easily and is of a much higher quality than I expected. I’ve had my configuration a couple of years now and I’ve been very happy with it. I can slide my cart solution up next to my Recliner my Perfect Chair and just pull my monitor in front of me and get to work. You kind of have to visualize the setup in your own mind but if you visit their site it will make more sense. I mounted a 42” Commercial Monitor Arm to the cart which holds my 24” LCD… So I can work at the desk, in the recliner, or standing up if I want to.

So if you are looking for a quality high end, mid priced Ergonomic Office set up give Anthro Technology Furniture a look!

Anthrocart Modular Furniture

Modular Office Furniture

Build Amazing Expandable Office Environments with Anthrocart Modular Office Furniture
Build Amazing Expandable Office Environments with Anthrocart Modular Office Furniture


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