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Espressione Grace Espresso Machine

Updated on April 30, 2010

When shopping for an affordable and reliable espresso machine, make sure to take a good look at Espressione's Grace. This semi automatic comes dressed in a stylish package, but the true value lies in its simple yet effective controls. Three push buttons and one knob are all you need to master a variety of drinks. The compact size, approximately one foot in width and height, also makes it easy to find the right spot for this machine to grace your presence.

When brewing espresso, you have a choice between two types of chrome plated brass portafilters. Especially for those new to home espresso machines, the portafilter made for the Easy Serving Espresso system is extremely helpful. This portafilter uses a pre-packaged pod, somewhat like a teabag, and saves the step of grinding and measuring your coffee. It also reduces mess.

The other portafilter gives you a little more freedom by letting you choose the grind of your bean and how much coffee you use (7 grams for a typical single shot). The addition of two filter baskets also gives the option of making a single or double shot. Once the portafilter is prepared and placed in the brew group, one button both stops and starts the espresso brewing process.

To turn your espresso into a specialty drink like a cappuccino or latte, you can use the stainless steel steam wand. This device makes the perfect froth attainable. The steam wand swivels from left to right allowing you to fit different sized cups underneath it easily, and the steam wand also functions as the hot water dispenser for making tea, hot chocolate or Americanos. And this espresso maker offers the luxury of dispensing hot water and brewing espresso continuously. This owes to the rapid-heating 11 oz. boiler made of aluminum, a material built to last. Finally, after you've enjoyed your rich espresso drink, the easily removable drip tray and stainless steel drip grate help make clean up quick.

The Espressione Grace comes in four stylish colors - red, blue, black and silver - and the accessories include double and single-shot filtration baskets for coffee ground portafilter, a 7 gram coffee scooper, and the tamper.

The Grace comes with two portafilter handles made of chrome plated brass to maximize heat retention. One portafilter is a pressurized 52 mm portafilter that comes with single and double-shot filter baskets. This portafilter also features a valve to help make a rich crema. The other portafilter works with the ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) system that uses prepackaged espresso pods. Similar to teabags, these pods reduce the cleanup of ground coffee. Using pods also prevents the need of measuring your coffee every time you brew, each one contains the 7 grams necessary for a single shot.

The 11 oz. boiler is made entirely of aluminum, which is very durable. Aluminum also heats quickly to minimize wait time before using the Grace for brewing, steaming or dispensing hot water. You can also brew coffee or dispense hot water without any wait between drinks.

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