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Espressione Grace Espresso Machine, Part 2

Updated on April 30, 2010

The Grace has three push buttons on the front control panel and three indicator lights. The button on the left turns the machine on and off. The indicator light beneath it is labelled "On" and will turn red when the machine is on. The middle button is marked with a mug and controls both the brewing function and hot water dispenser.

For brewing espresso, you will only need to press this button after preparing your coffee in a portafilter. For hot water, you turn the knob on the left hand side away from you (counter-clockwise) and then press the middle button. The button on the right hand side is marked by a steam image and controls the steam wand. When pushed, the indicator lights beneath the steam button and the middle button go on. The middle light marked by the jagged line is for temperature and indicates the boiler is heating up for steaming when lit. As soon as that light turns off, you're ready to steam your drink using the steam wand on the right hand side.

The best-tasting espresso requires pre-heated cups. The Espressione Grace gives you a place to keep your cups hot and handy. It holds up to 6 espresso cups on the cup warmer on top of the machine. It is a passive cup warmer that utilizes the residual heat of the boiler to warm the cups.

A movable wand doubles as the hot water dispenser and steam wand. In order to use it as the hot water dispenser, you turn the knob on the left side of the machine away from you (counter-clockwise) to switch out of the brew function. After this, you press the middle button marked by the mug. Instead of brewing coffee, it now dispenses hot water for your tea or other hot beverage.

The stainless steel steaming wand works the opposite way of the hot water function. First you press the button on the right with the steam image next to it. Both the light beneath it and the boiler temperature light marked by the jagged line will light up. It takes about two minutes for the boiler to heat up to steam temperature after brewing espresso. When the temperature light goes off, you are ready to steam. Now turn the knob on the left hand side away from you (counter-clockwise) in order to release steam or to steam and froth your milk. Submerging the wand about three-fourths of an inch into the liquid results in an ideal froth. Even those without any barista experience will soon make a stiff froth for cappuccinos. The steaming function re-heats in about thirty seconds when steaming multiple drinks.

The clear removable plastic reservoir has a capacity of 74 oz. This is plenty of water to entertain guests with several cups of coffee before refilling. The tank is visible from the sides and back of the machine and is removed from the top of the machine.

The machine body is constructed of steel with a finish designed to prevent rust. It has a removable stainless steel drip grate and a plastic drip pan.

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