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Essential Post Renovation Clean-up Hacks for Home Owners

Updated on May 9, 2017
Post Renovation Clean-up - An Inevitable Aspect of Remodelling Your Home
Post Renovation Clean-up - An Inevitable Aspect of Remodelling Your Home

While it is but natural to get your home renovated in order to improve its functional and aesthetic aspects, something that most home owners are unprepared for pertains to post renovation clean-up.

It is a fact that fast-paced lifestyle that most people lead nowadays does call for renovation, especially if your home is traditionally styled and hence not as ergonomic. You will have gone through the painstaking process of having selected the most suitable service provider and adjusted all the while the work was in progress. After all the trouble when you walk into your home, finding the premises strewn with dirt and debris left behind by workers can truly prove to be an anti-climax.

Post renovation clean-up is an aspect that most home owners usually fail to take into account. However, it is an inevitable part of construction and renovation and the sooner this reality sinks in, the better it is for the occupants.

What A Difference Post Renovation Clean-up Makes!!!
What A Difference Post Renovation Clean-up Makes!!!

What Exactly Is Post Renovation Clean-up?

How much ever professional your chosen renovation service provider might be, there is bound to be a mess subsequent to the work having been completed. Ranging from dirt, dust and debris to left-over components, you can expect to find the floor strewn with a variety of objects much to your irritation. In such a situation, the need of the hour is a thorough clean-up and because it occurs subsequent to renovation, it is aptly referred to as ‘post renovation clean-up’.

For anyone facing post renovation clean-up, there are two ways of tackling the situation. You can either handle the task on your own and put in the requisite amount of time, energy and resources, or alternatively hire a professional cleaning service in lieu of a fee. Both have their pros and cons and the onus is on you to weight them carefully before picking one that is best suited for you.

Post Renovation Clean-up Check-list

Although the nature of renovation might vary from being exciting like building a modular kitchen to something as mundane as fixing new windows, dust is a factor which is common to all interior surfaces. It can be quite demoralizing to walk into your home after completion of remodelling and find everything covered in a layer of dust.

Overwhelming that the task of post renovation clean-up might seem, it can be simplified by using a check-list of to-do chores. Whether it is you or a cleaning service, following are the guidelines that define the entire process –

Cleaning walls – Assuming that your house has just been renovated, it is likely that the walls will have been freshly painted or covered with new wallpaper. Chances are that they may be appearing dull owing to having been shrouded in a layer of dust, thus being the first to feature on your clean-up list.

All you need to do is wipe all the walls with a damp cloth, brush attachment or an extension duster to remove the dust. However, if the paint is still wet, then you would do well to opt for dry dusting instead so as not to mar the smooth finish.

Wiping glass surfaces is an important part of post renovation clean-up
Wiping glass surfaces is an important part of post renovation clean-up

Glass, marble and baseboards – Glass surfaces should be checked for stickers, marks and cracks while their frames and tracks would require to be wiped with a damp cloth. Marble surfaces are particularly prone to being scratched by the accumulated dust particles and would need to be wiped not just on the flat top but also along the edges.

Likewise baseboards often serve as catch basins for spills and scuff-marks from workers’ boots and hence require attention.

Using the vacuum cleaner – Irrespective of whether your floors are carpeted, wooden, tiled or made of any other material, using the vacuum cleaner followed by a wet mop is an ideal modus operandi for cleaning up.

Vacuum cleaner is also perfect for cleaning the upholstery and furnishings off any splinters and debris that might have been overlooked. Appropriate attachments would ensure that every edge, nook and cranny is rid of unwanted remnants of renovation.

Cleaning light fixtures – At times renovation involves replacement of light fixtures and in such situations you would be saved the trouble of cleaning. However, when it does not, the responsibility of wiping them clean is totally yours to fulfil.

Do remember to switch off the mains before embarking on this task as missing out on this precaution may well put you in very real danger of getting electrocuted.

Post renovation clean-up entails polishing of various surfaces all over the house
Post renovation clean-up entails polishing of various surfaces all over the house

Polishing metal surfaces – Post renovation do not be surprised to find most of the metal surfaces appearing scratched, scruffy and drab. Polishing them to restore them to their previous glory is one of the most important tasks that home owners need to undertake when they move into the house.

Filters, vents and blinds – By the time renovation comes to an end, all the vents, blinds and shutters in your home will most likely be laden with dust which can blow into the room with the first whiff of wind. Therefore scrubbing these with soap solution is a must followed by thorough rinsing with clean water.

Must-have Cleaning Supplies

Acquiring the requisite cleaning supplies prior to commencing on post renovation clean-up is strongly recommended. Following items should feature in your bucket list –

  • Brooms of varying lengths
  • Soft towels
  • Air filters
  • Vacuum cleaner with various attachments, particularly those meant to sweep upholstery and furnishings
  • Plenty of dryer sheets
  • Mop and scrubbers
  • Cleaning agents like soap, detergent, organic solutions and so on
  • New air filters

Where Do I Start?

This is the question pertaining to post renovation clean-up that has most home owners intimidated and baffled. When faced with multiple chores, it is often difficult to pinpoint where and how to start with the result that you end up feeling totally confused, thus resulting in a delay. To help you avoid this frustration, outlined as follows is the sequence in which the different cleaning chores can be performed to provide effective results –

  • Always start with the air filters. Since these serve as ideal dust collectives, they should be cleaned first to avoid dust being blown into the house at the slightest breeze.
  • While handling air filters, it is up to the home owner’s discretion as to whether to continue with the same air filters after having cleaned them or to replace them with a completely new set. If you feel that your current air filters are full of dust and debris, then replacing them would be a better idea.
  • With air filters out of the way, it is time to focus on other aspects and the best way to proceed is from the ceiling downward.
  • You are bound to encounter light fixtures on your way down and these would need to be wiped, polished and changed if the situation calls for it.
  • A good way of making a start entails wiping the dust off the walls with a damp soft towel and also encompassing shelves, ledges and skirting on the way down.
  • Ledges can also be cleaned by being covered in dryer sheets which attracts all the dust, thus leaving the surface spotless. This method can also be effectively applied to baseboards and having collected all the dust, the dryer sheet should then be discarded.
  • Next it is time to sweep the upholstery and furnishings using appropriate attachments so that all the debris and splinters lurking in corners are duly removed before causing any injuries.
  • Last but not the least, it is time to clear the floors of all the dust, dirt, debris and boot marks that might have accumulated when the renovation was in progress. One of the best ways of clearing floors entails first sweeping with a broom and then operating the vacuum cleaner. With all the loose particles out of the way, it is easier to wipe the floor with a wet mop and this brings post renovation clean-up to an end.

All that remains to done is to take the trash out and enjoy you’re the comfort and goodness of your re-modeled home.

Handling Post Renovation Clean-up - DIY versus Professional Cleaning Service

Messy that renovation is, a dilemma that most home owners face pertains to deciding whether to undertake the task in-house or hire a professional cleaning service. Given the pros and cons of each option, your decision can be based on the following considerations –

Are you up to the task? Tedious that post renovation clean-up is, it will require lots of planning, investment and stamina on your part to organize and carry through the entire procedure. Undertaking the task on your own could prove to be hectic and time consuming, something that may not agree with everyone. And if you are not up to the task, then it is time to think in terms of hiring a professional cleaning service that features post renovation clean-up on its inventory.

What is your financial position post renovation? Having incurred the sizeable expenditure for renovation, you are likely to be strapped for cash. Hiring a professional service in such a situation would imply expending more finances, something that you may not be in a position to do. Whether to undertake the task yourself or to entrust it to an outside service in lieu of a fee is a decision that you must take after having taken stock of your financial status.

Don't have time for post renovation clean-up? You are not the only one...
Don't have time for post renovation clean-up? You are not the only one...

Do you have the time? Home owners who pursue a full-fledged career cannot be expected to have the time dedicate a major part of the day to post renovation cleaning. At the same time the house cannot be allowed in remain in an inhabitable state for long. So the need of the hour is to hire a service provider and walk into a clean and remodelled home at the end of the day.

Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring a Professional Service

Assuming that you have decided in favour of hiring a professional service provider to look after the post renovation clean-up of your home, the next step is to choose one that is most suitable for your requirement. Success of the selection process depends on how thorough you are with your research and interaction with the representatives of the company.

To this effect, listed as follows are some of the pitfalls that you must steer clear of while preparing a short list of service providers –

Not carrying out a background check – This is one of the time-tested ways to adjudge the reliability of the service provider and hence is a step that must not be ignored at any cost. Ways of conducting a background check range from making discreet inquiries in the immediate neighbourhood or among friends to checking the Internet for reviews. Testimonials can be further validated by getting in touch with past clients and confirming their experience.

Lack of insurance policy – Under no circumstances should you hire a service provider that does not offer insurance cover for the span of work. Inclusion of insurance policy implies that you can hold the service provider responsible for any damage caused during the clean-up exercise, thus being saved the harassment and extra expenditure.

Preferring the cheapest – While cheapest may be seem to be the most attractive, it should be steered clear of simply because it could possibly lack the expertise and efficiency required for the task. Rather than hire the cheapest service and regret later, striking a balance between quality and price is strongly recommended.

Overlooking a written contract – Failure to acknowledge a written contract or not reading the fine print is one of the biggest mistakes that any homeowner can make. Not only should you be aware of the stated terms in the contract but each one of its clauses so as not to be caught on a wrong foot at a later stage.

Ignoring accreditation of the firm – A certificate of accreditation implies that the firm is legal and is recognized by the relevant authorities of the particular field. By not checking this aspect, you fall into a very real danger of hiring a firm which is illegal and untrustworthy, not to mention that it cannot be sued for damages.

Should you hire a professional service?
Should you hire a professional service?

Final Word

Who gets to undertake the task is an outcome of circumstances prevailing at the time but what is crucial is to understand the fact that post renovation clean-up is absolutely crucial. It is an aspect which should not be undermined or taken lightly simply owing to the long-term repercussions it can have on your family’s health.

After all the purpose of renovation is to acquire a home that is customized as per your preferences and tastes and it is only fair on your part to want to make the most of it. To make your wish come true, conducting post renovation cleanup is a must and you can either indulge in the cleanup task or hand it over to an external agency. Either ways, the result should be the same, namely a spotless and dust-free home remodelled exactly as per your liking.


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