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European Hornets

Updated on June 5, 2011

Large Hornet


Large Hornet

I remember about 20 years ago I was at a candle shop when I saw what I thought the largest hornet ever. It was in a home turned into a candle store. As my wife and I walked to the upper level of the store we saw this large hornet bouncing off the window trying to get out. We said well there is nothing up here we want to see. So we rushed back down stairs and left the store.

Well, I was cleaning out my shed the other day and I saw the same size hornet buzzing around my head. You never saw someone move out of there so fast. When I say large hornet I mean about 2" long and a thick body. I know this wasn't a carpenter bee, this was a yellow hornet looking creature. I just though to my self that it's sting is got to hurt. As most of us do we keep our summer furniture and things in our shed. There is a screened in tent or porchlike net we keep in there on the rafters. This giant Pterodactyl hornet was fling up in the screening. I went to pick up hornet spray and sprayed up in the netting , nothing! Everyday I went out to take a look to see if any fell to the ground dead but no nothing . As I slowly walked back to get a closer look a buzzing sound buzzed right over me. There it was this large hornet right by me. I'm not kidding when I say it's large eyes look right at me. Again you never saw any one moved very quickly out of there. I waited until dusk. Dusk is when bees and wasp slow down. I also found an old tennis racket from the shed. I waiting for the right moment. 5 minutes ,10 minutes of waiting for me to see if one come in or come out, than just as I was ready to quit two fell out of the netting it looks like they were fighting. They fell and hit the shed floor. One flew away the other stayed on the floor crawling it seamed it couldn't fly. I grab it with these large tweezers I have and trapped it. I put it in a plastic bag. My kids couldn't believe how BIG this thing was. I got into the house and called a local exterminator to see if I could bring it in. He said come on over. I got the the exterminator and with out hesitation he said you have a European Hornet a what ? Yes a European hornet very large hornet. than he explained to me that they are not very aggressive he didn't think the males sting but the females do. I got home and look up the species. He was right not aggressive but will attack if nest is threaten. I got home got brave and just pulled the netting down only saw two fly away. In the netting I saw the beginning of a large nest. Oh by the way the netting is still outside setting on the ground. I don't think we will be using that this year. It okay were it is.


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