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Even More Trouble For DOCX...USA vs. Lorraine Brown

Updated on June 27, 2013

Lorraine Brown-President of DOCX

USA vs. Lorraine Brown

The people who have been the victims of wrongful foreclosure FINALLY have some sort of vindication. Foreclosure fraud has never been about the rhetoric of "sloppy" paperwork (which is what the banks wanted everyone to believe once they were caught). When the banks use false, forged, fraudulent documents as evidence and proof in order to foreclose, they are comitting fraud on the court which is a criminal offense. THIS FRAUD HAS NOW BEEN PROVEN with the guilty plea of Lorraine Brown, who was president/founder of DOCX.

By pleading guilty to the criminal charges of committing mail fraud, wire fraud, as well as forging and falsifying mortgage documents, Lorraine Brown has ADMITTED that more than ONE MILLION documents (a HUGE underestimate) created by DOCX were in fact forged over a six year time frame. This now casts doubt on EVERY SINGLE FORECLOSURE CASE where the banks are relying on DOCX documents to foreclose on homeowners (not just the million + that were admitted to), and the banks should be required to withdraw their foreclosure proceedings.

More importantly, this leaves the ownership of these properties in limbo, with the bank being unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they do in fact own these mortgages. The bank is now unable to prove that the mortgage was properly transferred to the bank foreclosing on the homeowner.

But as to be expected, the banks are moving along business as usual and foreclosing in record speed, and it is up to homeowners to get this information in front of the judges who allowed this fraud to occur in their courtrooms.

With this guilty plea, in my opinion any bank that continues with foreclosure using DOCX documents after the guilty plea of Lorraine Brown, will in fact be a "sitting duck" for a slam dunk case for wrongful foreclosure, etc. In addition, homeowners facing foreclosure with DOCX documents in their chain of title will also have a defense/counterclaim against DOCX directly. The homeowner now has the claim that any bank relying on these documents can no longer use these documents as proof.

It is obvious that Brown did not act in this scheme alone, as there would have been no need for the DOCX business model had the banks completed the required documentation to prove ownership of the mortgages. But what remains a mystery is "why" she has solely taken the blame for this fraud, and no one else (up to this point) has been held accountable.


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