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Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Review

Updated on September 6, 2011

Introduction to Everstar Portable Air Conditioners

Everstar portable air conditioners are movable appliances that can be used to cool down any room in the house without being forced to crack open a window with a bulky air unit. There are many different models and brands of portable ac units by Everstar, and while many people have their own personal favorite company or model, on many review sites there are two Everstar portable air conditioning units that consistently appear on the top 10 lists. These units are made in multiple strengths, as Everstar models can be found in 8000 BTU, 10000 BTU, 11000 BTU, and 12000 BTU strength levels. This creates a wide range of choices when it comes to finding the right portable ac unit for your specific needs. The best part is, with these models many people can have access to quality AC even if they live in places that don't allow for traditional window units. A good Everstar portable air conditioner can definitely make the difference between a comfortable or miserable summer.

The Most Popular Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Models

There are many different models of the Everstar portable air conditioner, so many so that I can't really spend the time to give them all a thorough review as I would like.  While individual experiences with air conditioners and air coolers can vary greatly, there are 2 Everstar portable air conditioner models that tend to consistently rank above their cousins in consumer websites and comparisons across the world wide web.  Obviously the chances are better that consumers will have less problems and more positive things to say about these 2 particular models than other of the less popular models.

The Everstar MPK-10CR Portable Air Conditioner is the 2nd most popular model, and generally will run just short of $500 at retail, but there are many places where this unit can be found for much cheaper. This is a 10,000 BTU Everstar air conditioner that has three fan speeds, removes up to 76 pints of moisture from the air per day, and weighs 81 pounds (but obviously has wheels on it to make it portable).  This unit gets high marks for being incredibly effective at cooling spaces, but some people have had issues with gathering condensation or water drippage.

The Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner unit is the only one that competes with the MPK-10K. This portable ac unit is a little weaker and so won't be able to as effectively cool the same sized area, as it's designed for recycling air through smaller areas as the 8,000 BTU rating indicates. These models can be found for under $400, and provide a decent cooling solution for smaller apartments or areas.

So What's the Verdict on Everstar Portable AC?

While some of these air conditioners get good reviews from many customers, there are also several reports of even those 2 most popular Everstar portable air conditioner having defects or issues. While no model is ever perfect, most types of Everstar units fall somewhere in the middle category, but occasionally when it comes to portable air conditioning, they shine. Ask locally to get the most up to date opinion from individuals who deal with portable AC units in your area and may be able to give you an up to date and informed recommendation. While some people have been really huge fans of this particular brand of portable air conditioning units, as always there were some others whose reviews were not so glowing. Try to get both sides of the story before making an informed decision on the matter for yourself and chances will be extremely good that you'll be a lot happier with your final decision, regardless if that's with an Everstar portable air conditioner or some other brand of portable air conditioning.

Comments on This Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Review

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    • profile image

      nancy hope 

      7 years ago

      I bought a used Everstar MPK-10CR 10,000 BTU portable ac from a pawn shop last summer. I tell you what this little filly lives in SW TX where the temp is a normal 100-105 degrees all summer. I put this puppy in my LR (leaving the old window unit in the bedroom) and it cooled the LG LR of this uninsulated farmhouse just GREAT. This year I am replacing the BR with an Everstar portable.

    • abinavis profile image


      7 years ago from Bat Island

      Thanks for reviewing this air con. Very informative. At least I know how Everstar performance looks like. Good job.

    • profile image

      Justin Lewis 

      8 years ago

      Everstart air conditioners are bomb :D Thanks a lot for this great review. Great hub :D

    • portableac7 profile image


      8 years ago

      "We have a portable air conditioner that we use in a room in our house that the central air doesn't keep cool, but we have to exhaust the heat from the unit out a window."

      It's no big problem for me. One big downside of portable ac models is about the loud noise! So I cannot install and use these models into my office room. Some other guides on internet that I found suggest to choose portable evaporative ac unit and it's not too bad idea I think!

      Just sharing my opinion!

      Thank you.

    • Jerry G2 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry G2 

      8 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      The heat still goes out a window, but as opposed to having the entire unit sitting out the window (which is impossible in many apartments I've lived in with windows that open horizontally instead of vertically), just a hose can work. Or it can go into a sink. There are "air coolers," but I don't recommend those because they just don't do as good a job, IMO. Out of these models, the Everstar portable air conditioner 8000 BTU and 10000 BTU models are the ones that are best from this company and/or brand.

    • aleksander bryson profile image

      aleksander bryson 

      8 years ago

      So where does the heat go if not out a window?

      We have a portable air conditioner that we use in a room in our house that the central air doesn't keep cool, but we have to exhaust the heat from the unit out a window.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your good advice and well written hub.


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