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Everyone Needs a Shopvac at home

Updated on February 9, 2013

If you are interested in do-it-yourself projects (diy), remodeling, flipping or general construction, you need a Rigid Shop Vac, or something like it. (Craftsman also makes a nice product). These commercial grade vacuums work on both dry and wet debris. They have large capacity and suckability. There is no task too big or too small.

Shop Vacs make a Contractor

Some people think you only need a truck and dog to call yourself a contractor. Au contraire, in reality, you need a shop vac and a phone to call yourself a contractor. Throw in some paint and you can make magic happen.

If you can buy one thing, it should be a Shop Vac

If you can afford one thing, make it a shop vac. If you like to work around your home, you will need tools and materials specific to each project. However, a shop vac can work on all projects. Then you can buy those other items on a need to buy basis.

Professionals know the joys of Shop Vacs

Contractors, whether in the field or not, have operated a shop vac. It is a necessary tool to use between subcontractors who often do their part and do not care who is next. They get in, get out, and move on to the next job. Guess what the considerate contractors use? You guessed it, a shop vac.

Regular people love Shop Vacs

Recently, a friend told me she had her shop vac in her living room sucking up dead pine needles from her constantly shedding Christmas tree. This amazing tool made her home look cleaner, while her tree was losing it’s battle with cut roots. She made the most of the sad situation.

Where to purchase a Shop Vac

When it comes time to making the purchase, I recommend going to your closest Home Depot, Lowe’s, or the equivalent, and look at all the sizes available. No one size will fit all people. The size will largely depend on your future project needs. Physically seeing the differences might be more beneficial than ordering online.  However, if you can figure out the specifics of each model and how it relates to your needs, without having to leave the comfort of the internet, then good for you.

My first Shop Vac Experience

"the shop vac right here, this is mine" by clared23, on Flicker, here
"the shop vac right here, this is mine" by clared23, on Flicker, here

Years ago, I bought a home from a mentally ill woman who allowed her cats and dogs to eliminate inside.  This was so disgusting that I thought it would be impossible or even illegal to hire anyone to do this kind of work.  Therefore, I got myself some good boots, a respirator, gloves, and a handy dandy, Shop Vac.  It helped me through many a smelly day.  As a result, I have nothing but good things to say about this sucking machine.

There are other products like the Shop Vac

It is only fair that I mention I have used a Craftsman product, with similar features, that I found just as capable. The Craftsman I used had a squattier design than a Shop Vac, but functioned and cleaned up virtually identically to the Shop Vac. Really, it is about your personal preference, because I have no affiliation with either company. It just happens that I own a Rigid Shop Vac.

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