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Everything About Teak Shower Benches

Updated on January 24, 2010

Teak Shower Bench.

One of the many choices if you want to get a shower bench. This is a good choice, as Teak is the most water and wood-eating insect resisting wood in the world and thus you do not need to worry about it getting too much moisture or being attacked by any sort insects that eat wood.

Normal wood stands no chance in sustaining long periods of time exposed to water showers and higher temperatures. Teak however, is a champion in those areas, making it perfect for your first bench. With its known quality, durability, it can be seen as a expensive item. This is because teak is becoming more scarce every day. But, because so many families want this in their homes, they are bound to be around for a long, long time.

First good thing about it, that it is normally smaller and compact, meaning you can have it inside your tub, using it for comfort or a place to put down your shampoo and other things.

But it can also be used outside the tube, for an undressing post or a place to put your clothes that you will wear after the shower. The uses are many and being smaller than a normal chair, it is very easy to move it from place to place with no problem at all.

This type of bench is very similar to folding benches as folding benches are normally also made out of Teak wood or plastic and metal.

What separates them from each other is that folding benches have folding possibility to them, meaning that they can be either installed on the tile wall in you bathtub, or folded and taken away for more space if needed. The color normally represents many brown tones, giving you a feeling of luxury.

Because benches can be crafted very nicely, you are bound to find some designs you may like and that fit the scenery of your bathroom.

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