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Evian Water Taste & Comparative Review

Updated on January 28, 2018
evian water
evian water

Summary of Me before the Review

My name is Sawyer, I'm 22, Male, and have lived in America my entire life, I am very sedentary, weigh about 120 pounds. (Maybe relevant information)

This review is completely subjective to my taste / biology & geographical location that has probbly impacted my taste buds and gut biome to derive my preferences.


Evian Water can easily become a small grocery store opsession if you are someone who practically only drinks bottled water like myself, and seeing a more expensive option around your regular local cheap option or other popular options such as Dasani or Nestle 24 packs.

Mountain Water

In most areas in America and most of Canada you will be able to find multiple different brands of Mountain water that you have probably had before such as Ice Mountain, ArrowHead. If you have had either of those you can already have some idea of water Evian Water taste like, if you haven't than the best way I can describe the taste of the water is a slightly denser water with a definite presence of minerals in the water, and more so in the after taste / feeling after drinking mountain water it can leave your mouth and throat not dry, but feeling of the minerals sticking to your mouth / throat.


Evian Water taste like a very purified Mountain water how ever, avoiding a lot of the residual after taste that most mountain water has, and also tasting some what like Nestlé Pure Life Bottled Water, but you can definitely still tell that Evian Water is Mountain Water, from the second the water enters your mouth it's not so much a taste as it is a bodily understanding of what is in your mouth.


To me drinking different types of water is not primarily for the taste, different bottled water obviously taste different, but there are no huge polarities such as the taste of coffee compared to Pepsi, what different types of water offer is how you feel after drinking them, for me if I drink water from almost any sink the metal content in it really upsets my chest and stomach, this is why I drink basically only from Bottled Water. The Feeling I get after drinked Evian water is a slight after taste which is a lot fresher than most Mountain Waters, I can feel it residening in around my abdomen for some time like most waters, but it's not painful or of any annoyance, I'm not very physically active so I don't know what the effects of this water would have for exercise unfortunately.

Pricing / Package

For anyone buying evian Natural Spring Water locally you will be paying more for it vs the options right in front of you at probably any store you could possible go to buy it.

Say a 6 pack of 1 Liter Bottles would cost you around $11, vs about $13 for a 24 pack of any 24 pack of 16.9-ounce /.5-Liter Bottles, to compare these 2 products by just the content / Quality of the Liquid then any financially minded person obviously takes the 24 packs scoffing and shooting down the evian water options in their head which will then be backed up by other thoughts of gratification saying things such as haha what a waste of money for water! Once you fall into this hole you are trapped in this circle of thought, and are no longer looking at things with an open mind.

Viewing this as a price vs price comparison anyone would say the 24 pack wins, but I don't think that is what this product is for. At it's more expensive price point it's not trying to compete with it's opposition instead it is a product offering a different option.

So what does this option give you that the 24 pack / normal bottled water doesn't?

It's very uncommon to have large portable water bottles, your most common options are 16.9 Ounce water bottles that you can pick up in the previously mentioned 24 packs, or singularly at a rest store / Gas Station. evian water comes most commonly in a 1 liter bottle, which basically double a normal water bottle, so I could easily see someone in which the financial aspect of this purchase doesn't impact them as much, prefer this primarily because of the bottle size, being able to carry a 1 bottle on the daily is a lot more convenient than you might think, I spent some time in South Korean and it was very common for corner stores to sell 1.5 L Water Bottles, which basically take your entire hand to hold, but it's a lot more water obviously.

So the option of portability is more convenient, but probably not on most peoples mind in North America since they travel in their car from place to place, basically having a storage place as well where they could just put all the water they wanted in it, but in Asian countries I'd say since foot traffic is more prevalent for the 1L+ size options.

Yes or No?

I'd say try every type of water once in your life, if it's going to financially break you don't worry about it, it's not the life changing path to enlightenment lol, it's a different option for water.


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