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Exciting Modern Wallcoverings

Updated on March 20, 2011

Wallcoverings today are as exciting and diverse as the homes they grace. Interior paints offer an abundance of colors and many variations in tone and hue. Unique painting techniques highlight distinctive three-dimensional looks that mimic fabrics. Wallpapers feature endless colors, patterns and textures. Various wallcovering applications are being utilized in conjunction with others to produce creatively designed spaces.

When designing interior spaces, no wall areas are being left unnoticed. Homeowners are paying particular attention to entire wall coverage, including upper and lower wall areas; they are also focusing their efforts on previously overlooked ceiling space.

Interior paint colors run the spectrum from vibrant and dramatic to warm and relaxed or muted and neutral, depending on the desired effect. Paint companies offer consumers assistance with the color-selection process, which is often regarded as confusing and overwhelming. Various DIY stores have forms of a "Color Preview Studio" which allows customers the ability to view how their intended wall and molding colors will appear on the wall. This is achieved by displaying large color chips and L-shaped trim chips that frame a desired color in the correct proportion. The process can greatly reassure a consumer and help him to gain confidence regarding his paint-color selections.

Contemporary faux painting techniques are continuing to surge in popularity. There is also growth in the types of techniques available for do-it-yourselfers. In addition, sponging can create a natural, mottled look, washing can produce a crisscross pattern, and ragging can simulate the effect of leather or stucco.

Hot wallpapers today feature texture, shine and glamour. Textured wallpapers such as faux wood grains can be utilized in both the log-cabin and the more refined Swedish country-cottage look. Similar to faux painting techniques, fresh faux wallpaper looks are leading the way in upscale wallcovering style. Especially strong are wallpapers that resemble leather and other exotic skins, such as tortoise or snake. Wallpapers that are made from plant materials are also experiencing a wave of popularity. Those that offer a hint of precious metals, such as silver and gold leaf, are making a strong impact in the wallcoverings market as well.

The concept of "the more, the merrier" is a philosophy that is evident in wallcovering design today. Homeowners are cleverly combining techniques to achieve dramatic results. For instance, to create a most pleasing theme effect in children's rooms, designers are selecting specific interior paint colors and applying decorative stencils to colored walls. The end result is a dynamic look at a reasonable price. Another option is to add interest to a rustic-styled home by utilizing painted walls in combination with logs. Install a log wainscoting on the lower portion of an existing painted wall. To add more detail, consider applying a coordinating wood trim as a border, several inches down from the ceiling.

The hottest design element in wallcoverings today may be the focus on ceiling space. In contrast to previous years of allowing ceilings to remain nondescript, today's ceilings boast color, pattern and detail. Painted ceilings complement wallpapered walls and give a room a complete look. Warm-colored ceilings can make a large space appear cozier as well as make a space with high, vaulted ceilings appear more comfortable and gracious. Architectural accents, such as over-door pieces, offer an elegant look that can also draw the eye upward toward the ceiling. Wood paneling, molding and trims all add importance to a ceiling space. Bands of color such as decorative fabrics, wallpaper borders and stenciled designs can add significance to an uninteresting ceiling space. Ceilings offer a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and add detail to a room's space.

When exploring your options for wallcoverings in your home, consider all of the many choices available. Be daring and create the unexpected. And don't forget the ceiling! Combine various applications, and with a bit of imagination, your wallcoverings can represent your own personal style. If you are seeking additional ideas and assistance with your choice of wallcoverings, visit the Web site for the Wallcoverings Association. The site offers consumers technical assistance as well as valuable information and links to many wallcoverings resources.


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