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Exciting Trick to Plant Flower with Grenade

Updated on December 11, 2014

Yes, it is true. You could throw grenades in your yard. Of course, it is not a real grenade that can explode fire actually. These grenades will not explode and pulled out a large fire, but in fact, it can be a flower that grows beautifully. The grenade is made from clay and on the inside of the grenade. It is filled with soil and flower seeds (poppy, ryegrass and buttercup) and the clay shell is environmental friendly because it can be totally biodegradable. Imagine that you can have a lot of fun with these kinds of grenades that can be throwing anywhere on your yard.

The clay grenade that can bloom flowers is called Flower grenade. The Flower grenade is based on an art project by Tony Minh Nguyen and produced by Snowhome for Suck UK. If you live in the UK or Europe, maybe you can get these flower grenades easily, but if you live farther than UK or Europe region, you may consider to know some rules about seed imports in your country and the cost to shipped it.

The Flower Grenade
The Flower Grenade | Source

To use the flower grenade is simple and easy. You can throw flower grenade anywhere on your yard. You can plan the spot where you want to throw the grenade and after you throw the flower grenade on the spot you want. The flower grenade will crack and the grenade clay shell will scatter along with the soil and the seed inside. Then, you can leave it on the ground and try to be patient for about three weeks to see the seed grow into a beautiful flower plant. You can remove the scattered pieces of grenade's clay shell and soil, or if you are creative, you can arrange it in any shape you want around the flower seed, or you can also move the seed into a pot if you want to grow it in a pot. If you leave the grenade's clay shell as it is after you throw it on a certain spot, the grenade's clay shell will melt when rain comes, or if continuously showering it with water. So, actually this flower grenade is environmentally friendly because it is a biodegradable product that can decompose. If you cannot be patient for three weeks to see the flower grenades grow into a beautiful flower, you can try throwing the flower grenade that has ryegrass seed inside. Unlike other seeds, the ryegrass seeds can start growing after a week you throw the flower grenade.

The Flower Grenades
The Flower Grenades | Source
How to throw The Flower Grenade
How to throw The Flower Grenade | Source

The Flower grenade is good gardening item that can be planted anywhere. If you have a quite large yard and want to change it into a beautiful garden, try using Flower grenades to help you to make a beautiful garden you ever wish for, that is perhaps also a good choice. Instead of throwing the flower grenade to any random spots, you can plan and arrange the spots first. You can plan your yard with makes a pattern and marking certain places that deserve to be thrown by the flower grenades. You can also decide good spots to be planted by certain types of flowers. If you plant these flowers by plan and arrange it before, not only you will get beautiful flowers that grow in your yard, but your yard will also look attractive and well organized. Just like what landscape experts do with all beautiful gardens you ever seen.

As mention above, flower grenades have three kinds of flowers which are buttercup, ryegrass and poppy. These flowers are easy to plant on your yard. Buttercup actually is a yellow flower that has five petals. These flowers usually bloom during the summer or between April to May. But only buttercup can bloom in any months of the year. If the environment is supportive and the soil is fertile enough, buttercup can bloom without problems as well as poppy and ryegrass. The most common color of poppy is red. Poppy is tolerant with many soil types, as long as it's well drained. While ryegrass are a type of plant that is easy to grow in almost many soil types and it's also a type of plant that can grow fast.

Buttercup | Source
Poppy | Source

The flower grenade is also good as a present for your friends or relatives especially if they love to garden. Not only you can throw flower grenades and spread seeds on your yard but you can also throw and spread some love by giving the flower grenades as a present.


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