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Expand & Lighten Your Home With A Wall Mirror

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Wall Mirror Can Change The Mood Of A Room

 A decorative wall mirror can alter the whole feel of a room and set the mood. An elegant and stylish wall mirror can help create an astounding and unique living space. Placing a candle in front of a wall mirror can provide instant romance or classiness to a room as the flickering light plays across the area.

Decorative wall mirrors are a fantastic way to make a dramatic statement in bedrooms, living rooms, entryways and dining rooms. A silver tone metal rim of a framed mirror may be finished with bubble accents that look like flawlessly formed water droplets, each catching the light for fluid beauty. That is why decorative wall mirrors can add beauty and style to any wall of your home.

The magnificent variety of wall mirrors.
The magnificent variety of wall mirrors.

A Wall Mirror Gives The Illusion Of Extra Space

 If you have a small space that you want to enlarge and you’re not really keen on tearing down some walls and remodeling your house you may want to consider strategic placement of large wall mirrors. They are great for small spaces because a mirror will actually make the room appear larger.

Styles include stainless steel, brass, bronze, full length, antique, frameless and modern. Many mirrors may also have attractive designs surrounding them, such as wrought iron. Styles involved often come in all sorts of shapes from large wall mirrors to small groups of mirrors.

Etched mirrors make great gifts for many occasions. Don't wait to get that gift for that special someone.

Etched wall mirrors usually have artwork imprinted into the glass. The etched image can be ornate or simple, and choices range from animal images, geometric designs or complex scenes.

A strategically placed wall mirror can add depth to a room.
A strategically placed wall mirror can add depth to a room.

Your Wall Mirror Is A Critical Part Of Your Decor

A full length mirror set up as a wall mirror can really expand the look of any room, making it brighter and more cheerful. A large mirror used as a full-length mirror allows you and your guests to "check yourselves out" and can in some cases be considered vanity mirrors. You don't necessarily need to affix large mirrors to the wall as you can use a floor mirror with a built in stand that is easily moveable to wherever you want it.

If your home has a vintage decor, then an antique mirror will be the perfect accessory! Not all mirrors are for decoration or architectural purposes. The world of mirrors goes all the way down to a make up mirror which is a compact mirror generally in the shape of a round mirror, which women can carry around in their purses anywhere and substitutes as a portable bathroom mirror!

Nothing can expand the visual perception of the size of a room like a large wall mirror. A full length wall mirror can fool the eye into believing that it is an opening into another room, and brightens up any decor. There are many different shapes, sizes and styles of decorative wall mirror such as the oval wall mirror, round wall mirror, and beveled wall mirror.

You can also choose between a framed wall mirror and a frameless wall mirror to best fit your style. A modern wall mirror is the best fit for the contemporary home, while the more classic decor will be augmented by a carefully chosen antique wall mirror. Don't limit your wall mirror utilization only to the more public spaces in your home, as a bathroom wall mirror can be an invaluable addition!

A wall mirror can suit rustic decor as well.
A wall mirror can suit rustic decor as well.

A Wall Mirror Can Be Affordable!

 If you think a large wall mirror for your space just doesn’t fit your budget, try searching for them at a local flea markets or a garage sale. Styles and fads are constantly changing and many people will try to sell their old mirrors. Scratched or marked frames can inexpensively and easily be refinished to suit your own style needs.

How To Hang A Heavy Wall Mirror

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