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Experience of shopping from Choose Hot Tubs Direct

Updated on April 25, 2011

Once I entered the site of choose hot tubs direct while exploring through some other sites arbitrarily as I was thinking to buy a hot tub for me and my family. And I just found the one I was looking for some days. Before that, I navigated some other e-commerce sites that retail hot tubs and spa. But I could not find the best one to suit me efficiently in particular when it comes to financial issue.

The reasons why I opted for Choose Hot Tubs Direct Finally

  • I found the best competitive price among all other sites. I just got surprised that Choose Hot Tubs Direct offers the same price as manufacturing factories defined.
  • Since Choose Hot Tubs Direct sells its products from world class brands, so there was no confusion or hesitation about the quality of products.
  • The arrangement of product line attracted me immensely. A variety of hot tubs with a variety of designs, sizes, colors etc. are available there.
  • The most important thing is left unsaid. Yes, I’m talking about the service I received from there. The service was supposed to be really incomparable as I had a vast experience of online shopping before. The sales staffs and customer service staffs are helpful more than you expect them to be. I came to know later that after a successful completion of training period, they were appointed to work at Choose Direct Hot Tubs.
  • Another important feature of this e-commerce site is its info center where I discovered a lot of helpful information concerning hot tubs and spas.

Considering the above facts I firmly decided to shop from Choose hot Tubs Direct and I think I got a fair deal. It’s the time for you to visit if you are planning to buy a hot tub.


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    • profile image

      Fran Hangsterfer 6 years ago

      If you are looking to buy a hot tub you should spend the LITTLE extra money and BUY YOUR TUB SOMEWHERE ELSE. This company has taken over a year to deliver my tub. They lied to me, don't answer calls,e-mails,and never do what they say they will do.TAKE YOUR BUISNESS ELSEWHERE,read the complaints from the better buisness burough.Don't let them tell you they have changed I made that mistake and still don't have my tub.BEWARE