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Explore the Versatility of Pink and Brown Curtains

Updated on January 12, 2011

Pink and brown is a color combination that can be attractively incorporated into numerous room designs. Often, when the word pink comes to mind, people instantly associate it with the softness of a young girl's bedroom. Pink floral curtains or pink curtains that correspond to a nursery rhyme or cartoon theme are often chosen as window dressings for a nursery or a young girl's room. You can create a whimsical or exciting mood in a room with pink bold patterned curtains. Or, you can create a more subtle atmosphere in the room with curtains that have a small design pattern on them, whether the design is flowers, kittens, or candy motifs.

When choosing window treatments for a guest bedroom, you certainly should not rule out the color option of pink and brown curtains. Choosing window treatments with brown as the dominant color with a minimal element of pink included would be ideal. Brown tends to bring a sense of earthiness and warmth to a room.

Brown curtains would be a nice addition to a master bedroom. The dark color would help block out light for the days you want to sleep late or enjoy the luxury of an afternoon nap. If you want to add some visual interest to the window treatments in your master bedroom, choosing curtains with one or more pink stripes at the top would be an excellent choice. The subtle addition of pink would bring an element of serenity into your bedroom retreat. The weight of the material you select also impacts the mood the curtain creates. Hanging a brown velvet curtain in a room creates an entirely different atmosphere than a brown silk curtain would create.

Brown is a good choice of window treatment color in a home office or den. It is a color that can stand on its own and add sophistication to a room. You can create a very lively and interesting atmosphere in a bathroom with brown and pink polka dot designed curtains. That color combination allows you have some fun choosing bathroom accessories. If you prefer a more relaxing, rather than fun design for your bathroom, selecting a solid brown window treatment might be a better option for you. To soften the look of the room you could always incorporate pink with your selection of bathroom accessories.

The dominant color you choose for your window treatment will have the greatest impact on the atmosphere created in the room.


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