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Exploring LED Lights For Homes

Updated on June 24, 2011

LED Lights For Homes

Years ago, the places where you could find illuminated floors or a rainbow display of lights would be in the discotheques or entertainment centres. Nevertheless, today, the concept of LED lights has made its way into interior designs for homes. LED lights are fast becoming very popular as a lighting alternative in new home constructions. With LED lights, homes are becoming more distinctive.

Domestic LED lights tend to be more durable and are not too costly to maintain or replace. They are compact and can be strategically located almost anywhere in the house, from the front porch right to the backyard. It can be built into the floors, walls, ceilings or panels, hence reducing the hazard of knocking over lamps plus doing away with unsightly cable trails.

LED Lightings At Home

There are many types of LED lights available on the market for home use.

  • Rope led lights are installed into a stairway to enhance visibility. They are fitted onto the back or underside of the step panels or walls. They promote safety and gives you little or no chance of missing a step when ascending and/or descending the stairway in the dark.

  • Strip lightings in the form of soft, subtle light bars can be installed along the floor on the wall in any room to make it look futuristic and also at the same time gives it a warm cozy glow. Conventional lights only light up the room but cannot add to the ambiance and allure of the room. LED lights fitted in a room, like in a nursery, helps you to check on the baby immediately without having to switch on a glaring overhead light.

  • LED lights in the form of LED tiles are used in driveways, kitchens and bathrooms. A driveway or porch illuminated using single-file floor lights creates a majestic entry, similar to a red-carpet welcome for you, family, friends and visitors. LED tiles for kitchens and bathrooms come in numerous color options. They are excellent options as they eliminate the need of turning on a light every time you enter a room. They consume very little electricity and very often they are left on throughout the night.

  • LED lights are used to highlight virtually any feature in your house or compound. It can be statues, fountains, pools, Koi ponds, unique plants and waterfalls. Besides directing attention and focus, they lend these fixtures a regal appearance especially at night.

Lastly, the reason why LED lights are much preferred in many homes now than before is because they are available in many colors, thanks to the way diodes are constructed. Regular bulbs cannot provide such advantage. You can mix and match different colored lights to give your home a unified theme, or create a totally new concept of your liking. The possibilities are really endless, changing the ambiance of your setting each time you change the lights.


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