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Exploring Ranch Style House Plans

Updated on March 1, 2014

How The House Plan Search Has Evolved

If you are planning to build and are searching for the perfect ranch style house plan then your search has never been easier than it can be today!

If you were wanting to build a new home back when I first began designing homes in the late 70's your process began by searching out local designers or architects in your area and going through the tedious process of reviewing their design style to find the right person to design your new home. Back then there were only a few published plan books available in order to buy a "stock" plan.

But today with the advent of the internet you literally have over 25,000 plans at your finger tips. So why would I say that the home selection process has never been easier? With the simple steps we are going to outline here you will be armed with all the information you need to prepare for a fun and rewarding search of options to find your perfect dream ranch style house plan.

A Recent Project of Mine

This is one of my recently completed ranch home designs.
This is one of my recently completed ranch home designs. | Source

What We'll Cover

Here is a short list of the subjects we'll cover in this tutorial.

  • Size Matters - How big to build?
  • The Basics - Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Family Space
  • Advanced Search
  • Home Styles - Curb Appeal
  • Floor Plan verses Exterior Look
  • All plans can be customized?

Size Matters

One of the first things to understand when planning to build a new home is that there is a direct correlation between square footage and cost to build. For this reason it is valuable to check with a local Realtor or Builder in your area early in the process to see what the average cost per square foot is to build in your area.

You will take your building budget and divide it by this average cost per foot to give you a starting range of square foot home sizes in which to begin your search with.

It is worth noting here that while a single story ranch style home might be your first desire you will find a lower average cost per square foot with a multi story design or possible finished basement design if these are options where you are building.

What Are Your Building Plans?

How soon do you plan to build a new home?

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The Basics

In searching for modern ranch style house plans the buzz word is Open Floor Plan. This is probably because we are a much more active society now and family time is harder to come by. With the trend in open concept design you will find a larger gathering space that includes a great room or living room which is open to a larger family style kitchen.

This kitchen is often designed with a sit down eating bar or some type of center island where people can gather and share time during meal preparation. Gone are the days of Mom disappearing into the kitchen only to return when dinner is served. For this reason an open dining room or breakfast nook area are also common in modern designs.

When searching for bedroom spaces will you be looking for a modern Master Suite complete with on suite bathroom? Have you considered whether you want the extra bedrooms located with the master or on the other side of your home for some privacy?

Here it is important to balance present and future needs with the amount of available space your budget will allow. This is why Jack and Jill Bathrooms are a popular option for many modern ranch home plans.

By this point you should be bringing together a list that began with your building budget and progressed to a range of square footage plans you should be searching through. From there you should now have an idea of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will search for.

How to Search for Ranch Style House Plans Tutorial

We created this video to walk you through the process of searching for the perfect ranch style house plan. In the video we begin by narrowing down the 26,000 plus plan options from ePlans . From there we will walk you through using custom search to narrow your best matches down to an easy to manage group.

ePlans is the most popular place to find the perfect home online. If you find a plan you like but feel it's just not perfect then you will be happy to learn that ePlans will customize any plan if you need a different room size or prefer a different exterior look.

You will also find that ePlans is the most cost effective way to get a set of plans customized to your exact needs. That’s right; you can have any ePlans plan customized for a nominal fee to your exact needs. In the video we share with you how to get a no obligation custom quote from ePlans as well as how you can get a customizable estimate on the cost to build your favorite plan.

If you would like to read more of our reviews on individual ranch style house plans with open floor plan options then visit us at Ranch Style House Plans.


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