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Espresso ...It's Got To Go In The Cup

Updated on September 22, 2013

All things considered, the materials of the espresso cup as well as the design are two questions that espresso drinkers consider important about their special drink. Coffee consumption has a long tradition in many countries around the world, and part of this tradition is based on how they are consumed.

True espresso drinkers are those who are more likely to make a big stink about the cup holding their espresso. But if you're an average person who simply prefers the taste of espresso drink rather then other coffees, than you probably don't care about the espresso cups. However, in countries other than the United States, espresso cups are actually considered more of an art form than anything else. For example, Italy and parts of Europe espresso cups are made by hand. If you are enthusiastic about drinking espresso, finding the right kind of espresso cups is probably quite important to how you drink the beverage. In addition, purchasing a set of espresso cups is also a great gift that can be given to a passionate coffee and espresso lover. Here are a few tips that go along with buying espresso cups,that pretty much everyone should be aware about.

The Quality of Espresso Cups

The first question you want to worry about is the quality of the coffee cups that you buy. Certainly, there are all different kinds of cups that can be purchased, including solid plastic and glass. However, the best quality material to choose for the coffee cups is porcelain. Not only are porcelain cups a tradition in many countries over the centuries, but making the cups is an art in itself!

The size of the porcelain espresso cup also makes a big difference as well. Traditionally, the porcelain cups used for espresso are usually in 2 to 3 ounces. This does not mean that you will fill the espresso cup with espresso drinks, but many people like to add toppings such as whipped cream and chocolate shavings as well! Pour about 1 ounce of espresso mixture and leave the rest of the space available for toppings.

The Style of Espresso Cups

As mentioned above, many porcelain coffee cups have added a personal touch to them causing many people to make a fuss over design. There are all kinds of neat designs you can choose for your cup of coffee, but the digital age has revolutionized the way images are put on the glasses and other materials worldwide. For this reason, there may be high-tech espresso cups as well as simple traditional designs. However, coffee cups are traditionally bought with a good understanding of design in mind.

So, hit the malls or your favorite online store. Look at the thousands of espresso cups available. If you are going to drink a great cup of espresso, why not look good doing it.


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