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Extraordinary detailed reproductions of authentic vintage buckboard wagons, goat wagons, sleighs, and wheelbarrows.

Updated on December 2, 2011
Express Wagon
Express Wagon
Red Buckboard Wagon
Red Buckboard Wagon
Buckboard Wagons
Buckboard Wagons
Goat Wagons
Goat Wagons
Giant Sleighs
Giant Sleighs
Peddler Cart
Peddler Cart

Nostalgic old world charm comes to life with these highly detailed scaled reproductions of old time buckboard wagons, goat wagons, carts, sleighs, wheelbarrows

These are the vehicles that brought the American Heritage forward. Wagons where used for everything that we now use trucks and cars to do, and wheelbarrows carted the bricks, stone and mortar to build the structures we now refer to as historical landmarks.

A wagon and a wheelbarrow where basic essentials for every farm and ranch for decades, both evolved from crude beginnings using wooden wheels, to wood spoke wheels and then all metal wheels before rubber tires were introduced. Many of these items, such as the goat wagon are still being used in underdeveloped countries around the world.

Buckboard wagons, goat wagons, Express toy wagons, and wooden wheelbarrows are highly sought after items for antique collectors. Some are still being used today as functional working tools, while others use them as displays in residential yards and business’s. Many retail sales business use them to display merchandise while street and mall vendors still use the old time peddler cart to still peddle their wares, just as they were used in the olden days.

Cottage Craft Works features some of the most detailed authentic reproduction replicas on the market. Over the years these icons of the early American Heritage have been duplicated in all types of material, and then cheapened down by mass imported yard art.

The Cottage Craft Works models are Amish handcrafted using the same construction and materials used in the original manufacturing process, from the hand forged metal parts to the wooden spoke and metal wheels these models reflect the historical significant they played in the building of our great country.

In fact these replicas are so well made they are as functional to use today as they were in the olden days. The larger wagons can actually be hitched to a small animal(s) and used in parades, or other historical events. The construction either be it the rustic models or the premium modes are worthy of being displayed and used as furniture accessories. Add a glass top, and make a coffee table.

All Cottage Craft Works reproduction wagons, carts, and barrows can be ordered unfinished, stained, painted or varnished. Custom pin striping and paint options are also available. Both a rustic rough cut and a premium smooth wood are available. All use ash and popular hardwoods and come in medium, large, X-large or giant sizes. Medium and large can be shipped UPS, while the X-large and giant sizes are shipped truck freight.

Most wagons, carts, and barrows can be equipped with a galvanized liner for potting plants or retail displays where wet items such as flowers need to be displayed.

Buckboard wagons, goat wagons, carts, sleighs, wheelbarrows and express wagons can be purchased at Cottage Craft Works .COM

Cottage Craft Works is a unique on line store featureing old time quality handcrafted products for the home, farm, ranch, business and retail shops. Touring the online store is like taking a time machine back to the earlier years in American history.


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    • RTalloni profile image


      7 years ago from the short journey

      Such neat examples of these reproductions. Thanks for sharing these photos, a little history, and the info.


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