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Flower Clock - Bidding by the Clock | Holland Aalsmeer Flower Auction

Updated on March 29, 2012
Dutch auction clock
Dutch auction clock

 The starting price of a flower lot will appear at the “12” position on the auction clock. When auction begins the clock hand begins swinging around the dial indicating the price lowering. In traditional auction, an auctioneer calls out high prices until there are no more takers. Unlike this traditional system flower buyers sit in a row of seats and enter their bids electronically as the flowers move infront of the room on carts. The purchaser can press the button and can stop the clock at the price he wants to fix and pay. This is the method of auction clock in Netherlands.

Dutch flower auction
Dutch flower auction
Holland Tulip flowers
Holland Tulip flowers
Aalsmeer Flower auction
Aalsmeer Flower auction

                     In 20th century individual growers are on the mercy of traders and that led to the creation of a co-operative organization near to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport in Aalsmeer which is located in western Holland.The local growers joined together and made a better commercial position and sale of their products. The auction started around 1900 as a co-operative growers organization and they are the partners,owners,suppliers etc. The quality inspection also controlled by them. Lansbergen, press officer for Flora Holland reveals that 98% market share in Holland which is the world’s biggest flower auction centre and 60% of the world’s flowers are traded via Flora Holland the gate way to the intire European market. By monitoring the temperature of the flowers during transport minute-by-minute can ensure the top quality of the delicate flowers without any wilting in different countries with different weather especially in UAE on hot weather condition. Flora Holland import manager and team leaders are very efficient in managing these things.The growers,logistic service providers,auctions,exporters and retailers have invested in huge cool store for the better quality of the product.

                      The co-operative nature of Dutch flower auction are now act as a hub for world market. The auction clock remains unchanged with some modernisation like no need of growers and buyers at the auction place, advance booking, electronic sales from every spot in the world and good logistic organisation.The contribution of each and every person at every stage makes it success.

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