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Updated on March 18, 2014

What's the Use

Planting flowers can add color to a bare yard and make for a more pleasant view. Landscaping can be either overwhelming or be made easy by simply planting the right flowers and foliage in either flower gardens, flower pots, or containers. Decks and patios are much more pleasant to escape to when there is color surrounding their structures. Colors can be attained by containers filled with flowers that keep their petals all season long and even into the early fall.

Our lives do not have to be complicated by overwhelming ourselves by picking the more time consuming route in flower gardening. Even our porches can be filled with colors for a significant amount of time by hanging flower pots filled with ever blooming flowers. This will be most definitely more pleasing to the eye. Bringing color into our surrounding can make the heart feel joyful. Waking to another day can be enhanced by being able to either sit on the decks or porches or patios and have the beauty of the flowers and foliage surrounding us.

Picking and Choosing

Knowing what we want in our flower choices can be determined by what colors we enjoy looking at the most. Purples, pinks, reds, yellows, blues, oranges, and different versions of these colors are all in our choice range.This spectrum even pertains to the foliage that can be joined with flowers to make a beautiful flower scape with ease.

There are three versions of plant life expectancy, perennial, annual, and biennial:

Perennials are plants having more than two years of life expectancy.

Annuals are plants with a life span of just one growing season.

Biennials are plants growing and germinating in their first year, then producing their flowers in the second year, after which they usually die.

Although some perennials keep their flowers and foliage longer, annuals normally will keep them through some of spring, through the summer, and even into early fall. A definite choice for longer lasting color is annuals. Mixed with your choice of coleus and caladium they offer a constant focal point. Begonias and impatiens are excellent choices for hanging plants that are a constant show of color. Putting them in pots of earth tones can allow their brilliance to come forward without a hindrance in not overshadowing the flower's colors.

The beautiful deep colors of the purple heart is easily paired with other plants.
The beautiful deep colors of the purple heart is easily paired with other plants.

Decks and patios are perfect for an escape from stress and everyday happenings and especially well laid out surfaces for the large flower pots or containers. These pots or containers can be embellished with your favorite annual coordinated with either large or smaller coleus or caladiums. Again, earthen tones for the pot color choices allow the flowers and foliage beauty to prevail.

Gardening or planning a flower pot or container can be made easier by using the Better Homes and Garden planner. Choose the colors that are appealing to you. After all, you are the homeowner and you are the one that should be pleased with looking at them. Simplifying our life is the goal for the vacation months.

Another flower that can be introduced into the flower bed is sage, which comes in many varieties of types and colors and can be paired with numerous flowers and plants. Sage keeps it's petals all season long and into part of the fall. This could bring in the more natural theme to your beds.

The beautiful purple heart plant with it's bright foliage offers added phenomenal color to any flower bed. There is a small delicate pink flower that blooms in the center of the leaves that makes for a pretty show and is always ready to be paired with other plants.

Mulching is also a key to a simplified garden. Mulches come in varieties of wood chips that are colored to allow you to choose how you want your bed to look. Also there is a type called peet moss that can keep the soil aired and loose. But the best and easiest pick for a simple flower bed is one that will repel weeds for months at the time which in turn will allow you to enjoy the warm season months at the time. Life is too short to not be able to enjoy what you have inside your home or outside your home.

These are just a few of the examples for planting an easily cared for garden or container. Click on the links that I have provided and many more ideas will be at your disposal.


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