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Fairy Themed Bedroom Decor and Ideas For Girls Rooms

Updated on December 14, 2015

A Well Designed Bedroom Helps You Sleep Better!

The bedroom is a place for rest and sleep - depending on what age you are. When you are little it is a place for toys and fun as well as sleep and as a teenager it is a place to retreat to. Whatever age you are though, one thing everyone can agree on is that it has to be your own space in which you are comfortable, cozy and able to completely relax.

Fantasy bedrooms are wonderful as the theme of choice because the bedroom is the best place for dreaming. I was inspired to do this lens after my mother did my bedroom up as a fairy fantasy wonderland for my birthday when I was 9 years old. I loved that bedroom and enjoyed it for many years. As I got older I kept the same colour scheme and simply added some decorations with more of a sophisticated look and feel to them.

I Had A Fairy Bedroom When I Was Little And Adored It!

Most young girls love fairies and the thought of an entire bedroom of fairy décor is pretty exciting! My mum surprised me on my 9th birthday with a Disney Fairy Princess bedroom and when friends and family asked her what I wanted for my birthday she let them in on the decorating surprise plan and asked for items that were in keeping with the theme.

My mum had feigned feeling unwell and said she couldn’t join us for the lunch we were going to (bummer!) and as far as I knew she had gone to bed for the day. When we returned three hours later my mum greeted us at the door with a huge smile and wrapped me up in a big hug. I think I just figured she felt better… When she took me upstairs and covered my eyes just outside the room before the door opened I knew there was going to be something really special – and there really was! The whole room was decorated in pink, white and lilac and there was a new set of bed linen, fairy curtains and shelves with pretty fairy and princess ornaments.

I was in heaven! There were gifts to open downstairs at the party too and every single one was to be added to the room. There was a beautiful desk lamp, much like the one I have included below and other wonderful decorations like fairy stationary kits (maybe I’m weird, but I really love stationary!) a new fairy backpack from one of my friends, a fairy cross stitch with a frame that I could complete myself and hang on the wall, some gorgeous cushions and an upholstered seat that doubled as toy storage.

I loved this room so much that I kept it for as long as I possibly could – only deciding to change it when I was about to turn 14 and decided I was “grown up”.

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Choosing Bed Linen

Because the bed is the main feature of the bedroom (as the name suggests), you really want to get it right regardless of whether you are buying a new one or just dressing up the existing one with new themed linen. When buying a bed, I firmly believe that going to a store and testing the mattresses is a must. You can’t tell how comfy a mattress is online and if you buy the wrong type or one that isn’t comfortable then it’s either hassle to return it or a whole lot of discomfort and potentially not good for your back either.

Bed linen is very clearly marked out for babies, children, teenagers and adults and you know your child best. You may have a teenager who is very sophisticated and stylish and who wants a fairy theme but with a modern, adult twist on it. Alternatively, many tweens like to keep a girly streak in their bedroom. If it’s a surprise, go with your instinct on what she will love most and what will last the longest in terms of what she will and won’t grow out of.

If You Like, You Can Create A Simplistic Style

Make Room For A Reading Spot

I believe very strongly that reading books is a wonderful way for children to develop their imaginations, broaden their knowledge and stave off boredom whilst being relaxed. I was always a bookworm – right from a very young age where I would just follow my dad’s finger along the pages of books as he read to me.

When I was about thirteen I hit a particularly difficult time in my life – I changed school and didn’t fit in which meant I was the target for several school bullies and I also lost my Nana – who was a very dear friend to me as well as a beloved family member. These two things made me lose a fair chunk of confidence and I was often stressed or anxious, which could sometimes end up with me arguing with my siblings or parents at home as teenagers so often do (which is completely unfair, I know). One evening after a particularly bad day at school I picked up a book as I hadn’t read one in a while and started leafing through. Within ten minutes I was glued – sat on my bed in my fairy bedroom which I still loved as much as ever, reading page after page after page of this book. It took me away from everything that was difficult and distressing and I felt much more calm, relaxed and genuinely happy. When my mum commented on what a good mood I was in over dinner I decided that reading books were my way of de-stressing and I vowed to read for an hour every night.

Three months later I was happy in a new school with new friends (yay) and although I still missed my Nana (still do, of course), I could bury myself in a good book and get a good night’s sleep thinking happy thoughts which helped me wake up feeling good the next morning and the cycle continued. To encourage me to keep up my reading, my mum added a comfy chair to my bedroom so that when I needed time out or my own space I had somewhere to sit and enjoy the book I was reading.

So for me, books were never just something to kill time and I didn’t know about all the health benefits of reading. I just knew that reading books helped me escape when I felt I needed to and at times that was a real life-saver. Being a twelve-thirteen year old is much harder than people think. Even though you don’t have a job or responsibility it is a time of huge hormone changes that can make you feel extremely low and fed up at times – I remember feeling like that so clearly! If you have a tween or young teen in your household who has a ‘Mr Hyde’ side, consider encouraging reading – it’s at least worth a go!

Get Some Inspiration

Won't All This Cost A Lot Of Money?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money making your daughters room everything she could dream of. It is so easy to get carried away because we love our children more than anything and would give them the world if we could, but remember that eventually, some day your child will come to you and ask for a different themed room or a more “grown-up” room, meaning that it is a good idea to choose a budget that suits you knowing that you may well be spending a similar amount in four or five years.

If your child is very young at the moment then a fairy themed bedroom is ideal because she won't out-grow it for a long time.

Things like new curtains and wall decorations aren't very expensive but make all the difference. Remember you don't have to transform it in one day - you can add to it, little by little - which is more budget friendly and also extends the joy for your daughter!

Get the main elements first, such as the paint, bed linen and curtains for example and then add to it with small items which are cheap but pretty such as book ends, trinket boxes, posters, toy chests and lamp shades.

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Don't Forget The Little Things

People always think of the big, expensive things when they are decorating such as new furniture and carpets, but unless you really need new furniture, I would recommend simply re-painting and/or stencilling already existing items which will then seem like new.

It is so easy, and a much cheaper option than if you were to try buying a new bed, desk and wardrobe etc...

Smaller furnishings really make a big difference - the themed furnishings are lovely, but to be honest, without them you can still make a gorgeous room and especially with what you can buy today! Tinkerbell trash cans, posters, wall decals and cushions to name but a few!

Wall Decals

Okay, granted they don't look like very much when you see them stuck in bits on their paper backing. The thing with wall decals, though, is they look absolutely amazing when they are up!

Perks of using wall decorations:

  1. They don't cost very much
  2. There are loads of designs available
  3. They allow less artistic people to get in touch with their creative side when decorating
  4. The simple application process takes minutes, if that!
  5. When it is time to remove them it is easy to do so

Another great thing with these is that your child(ren) can help you stick them to their wall, which will make them feel like they are helping you as well as giving them a burst of pride in their ability to decorate their own room.


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