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Fake Lawns - Is It Right For Your Residence?

Updated on August 14, 2013

Consider Buying A Fake Lawn?

Those chore days when mowing the lawn in the sun, sweating your life out are about to become obsolete.  That is if you do not mind having a fake lawn.  There are manufacturers that take this business seriously and provide real life looking lawns, which in reality are fake.  Fake lawns come in a vast of different variety of lengths, and design styles to satisfy the need of the consumer.  Some will say that it is a very good idea and convenient for those who are looking to save energy and money in the long run. 

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Why would you want to buy a fake lawn?

There are a few, but very powerful reasons why anyone would consider buying themselves a fake lawn. For one, and the obvious is to forget about doing the mowing the lawn work which sometimes can accumulate to hours and hours of work. Yep, now if you already have a job that keeps you busy and exausted througout the day, then when you get home, I am sure you do not look forward to doing the lawn work right?

Other folks have their garden taken care for them by hiring workers. This is nice if you have the money and all, but if you want to cut this expense, then maybe buying a fake lawn would be a possible solution.

Environment issues:

No more water consumption; for the lawn anyways. You would be saving in our water resources. Especially beneficial in crowded places or cities. It is not a big surprise that in the U.S. there are cities who have had water shortages problems for over centuries now. The small amount of water spent everyday on the lawn, can add up to gallons upon gallons of water expenditure a month. Also think that is one less expense when paying water bill or combined utilities.

Lawn mowers would be somewhat of a pollutant machines in two ways, noisy, and they also propels smoke. As a gasoline fueled machine, it could be compared to as a car. "According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a traditional gas powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new cars each being driven 12,000 miles." Now we would like to think we want to breath clean air for our futures sake. So for all these reasons a Fake Lawn would probably be a good decision.

Are you considering getting a fake lawn? There are several advantages and disadvantages to owning a fake lawn. Here’s what you need to know about fake lawns.

Advantages of Fake Lawns

With fake lawns you have little to no maintenance. You don't have to buy a lawn mower and go out and cut the grass weekly. There's no need to do edge trimming or other yard work as the grass stays at the right length without any work on your part. Once you install the lawn the maintenance is over with for the most part. There’s no maintenance costs associated with a fake lawn. You also don’t need to use pesticides or other chemicals to control yard pests as there are none when you use a fake lawn.

When you have a fake lawn you can use it all the time. There’s great durability with a fake lawn and there’s no mud or other debris which can get on your clothing. The yard can be used at any time you want without worrying about getting dirty. This is an advantage when it comes to playing sports as games don’t have to be cancelled due to poor weather and muddy conditions on grass fields. A fake lawn also means that people won’t slip as often due to the conditions and injure themselves. There’s no need for watering so water can be conserved when you have a fake lawn.

Fake Lawn Installation

If you wonder what is the procedure for installing a fake lawn, don't worry! It is super easy! No professional installers needed. All you will need to do is to remove the grass, level the ground, roll the fake lawn out, secure it with anchors, add some sand, and spray little bit of water for setting and you are done.


Artificial turf can get quite hot so on very warm days the fake lawn can get too hot to play on for some people. This can put some at a severe discomfort due to the heat of the lawn. There’s usually lead found in a fake lawn and this can be a serious health risk. You are not supposed to get any exposure to lead and a fake lawn can have this component. An older turf lawn may have some lead that could be a health risk. These lawns can contain zinc which can also be a hazard and as rain runs off the lawn it can contaminate the soil. Some fake lawns may also contain toxic materials like chromium, cadmium, and selenium. This material can cause some injuries such as turf burns when someone falls on to the turf. These can be a more severe than normal turf burns because regular grass has a bit of a give when you hit it and you slide more often. On fake lawns you just hit the ground hard.

Once you install a fake lawn it’s difficult to go back to regular grass because the fake lawn destroys the bacteria and other organisms in the soil underneath the lawn. If you want to go back to regular grass you would need new topsoil but this can take years to develop properly so grass will grow again in that location. In some cases small children or animals may pick at the lawn and ingest small amounts which can be harmful.

You need to weight the advantages and disadvantages before you decide on a fake lawn for your home or other location.

DIY Fake Lawn Installation

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      RandomLife 6 years ago from Nashville TN

      Great hub! I haven't read anything on this subject before. Thanks for sharing!